Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Sorry I didn’t email yesterday, I was busy vomiting all day. I got the packages though!!!! Thank you sooooooooooo much!!!! We got them on Sunday and I opened them that night and ate almost a whole thing of oreos and two slim jims and that night at about 4 am it decided to journey on back! Luckily I made it to the bathroom but I think I puked 6 times yesterday haha! Even water wouldn’t stay down, But Elder Cardon went out and bought me a couple Sprites and those helped a TON. So today I am feeling better and had some oatmeal for breakfast. I guess I shouldn’t gorge myself on oreos and beef jerky haha. But yeah it’s funny how I didn’t get sick from the Ghanaian food but when I try the American food I got destroyed!  The letters were fun to read!  Tell everyone thank you!!!  I’m sure the kids here will love the CTR rings and I am excited to get to hand them out!  They love anything we give them!!  They sell ice cream on the street called Fan Ice. It comes in a bag like the water and you just bite off a corner and squeeze it into your mouth, I bought one the other week and there were some kids standing by us and there was about a 4th left of the fan ice, so I gave it to one. His mom saw and called him over and smacked him because he was begging.  It is just a part of life here, but it’s sad.

Thank you for the bread recipes too! We don’t have an oven, so I don’t think I can make those. I just need to know how to make dough for like tortillas and batter for chicken strips. Those should work pretty fine though. And there is a way we can Macgyver an oven so we will see!  

As for conference. They don’t show conference out here for like 3 more months because they translate it into Fante or Twi. So when it does come out we can’t understand it and they only show 1 session during church. So the only time I will get it is when the Liahona comes in who knows when. I was bummed to find that out because I was excited!  But oh well I suppose.  I will miss conference at home SOOOOO much!!! Those are some great memories going to Priesthood and Adam will be sooooooo happy if he goes!!!  What a great experience it is! Yeah I will miss conference and calzones too much! Man those are awesome, those are some of my favorite memories!!!

This last week was a pretty good week, but i will be excited to move to Axim on Friday. Elder Cardon is coming with me, I am still training until next transfer (6 weeks). Then it is all up in the air. Elder Cardon is the new District Leader so we will do splits a lot more, which I think will be good for me so I can learn to lead more!  Axim has lots of work to do and we should really have every day filled, which I am excited about. There is nothing worse than walking around with nothing to do, you feel useless. That’s how most of our days in Bokazo are, so it will be good to go to Axim. On Thursday the Zone Leaders came on splits with us, One went with the other elders in our apartment and the other came with us to Axim. His name is Elder Bush and he is from Kaysville! He goes home next transfer! Actually his cousin was in my trek family too, so that’s crazy. But he is cool and we had a good time with him and learned a lot. Its cool to see how good he is at talking the language with people and how he gets what they mean. Me and Cardon are less experienced than him so it was good to have him there for the day. But we taught some good lessons.  We taught this less active guy named Ebekai. He is probably 50, and he was telling us how he drinks alcohol because his doctor gives it to him for his hernia. He apparently didn't think we believed that he had a hernia, because mid lesson he just stood up and dropped his pants to show us. That was pretty dang awkward. The three of us were just saying "no! no!" and he just stood up and pulled his pants down. But he came to church on Sunday so I guess it was worth it? 

Most everyone here likes the white man. But the other day we were talking to a lady and some guy came over and was giving us crap. He said something like "If I ever hear you speaking my language I will kill you." So I said, "Oh but you are speaking my language." He got a really embarrassed look on his face and walked away. Then I said "Yabayah," which is goodbye and he got mad until someone yelled at him to leave. It was pretty funny haha!

That same day we went to see the apartment we will be moving into and it is amazing!!! The mission just bought it so when we went in they were still working on it, but it is HUGE! And nice!!! It has two balconies that overlook the ocean!  It is gonna be sweet living there!!!!  Oh and also, I have had fufu 8 days in a row, but it stopped yesterday when I puked my guts out. Fufu gets better and better each time. I hear there is an African market in SLC, so maybe they have fufu there!  And….I have some pictures and we are at the nice internet cafe so I will send them!  Today we will probably not do too much. Yesterday was our pday but since I was puking up every hour we couldn’t do much. So we might get haircuts. The ride back home is two hours so when we go to Takoradi our day is usually shot.  It’s pretty easy to live on the money we get. But I have used some of my own on things I don’t want to spend church money on, like coke or snacks.

I am having a great time out here, sometimes it gets discouraging but I just keep going forward. Yesterday was the worst day I have had in a LONG time and it was hard not to think about home. If I was sick at home I could just watch TV with a blanket and Tiki but out here you just press forward. But I know that God blesses those who sacrifice for Him. I know my teaching will improve and I will get better if I am exactly obedient and doing my best. I love you soooo much and miss you, but I am beginning to really love the people here as well. I am sooo thankful to have such a great family and such a great mom! You are the best!!!! I love you sooo much!!!! And the Best Dad!!!  Oh and I will send some pictures too!!! Love you!!!

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