Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Sorry about Monday, there is no internet cafe in Axim so we are still trying to figure everything out!!! We had a meeting in Sekondi today and now we are at the nice cafe in Takoradi, but they close in 20 minutes!!! So sorry but this will be a short email i guess! I am doing great though!!! Haha I am glad everyone enjoyed the fufu story! I really like fufu but that lady just makes it nasty! And she feeds us every Sunday haha! When we came into the mission they gave us all NICE filtered water bottles, so sadly thats the bottle the fufu went into haha. I had to trash it. Oh well.If there are any questions you wanted to know, just ask them in next weeks email and I will answer them on Monday. But Axim is doing great and we are having lots of success in finding people! We should have lots and lots of baptisms in November so that will be awesome!!! I hope you will have a GREAT birthday too! I am sad I wont be there but I love you soo much and I am soooo thankful for you and all you do for me, you are the BEST mom in the world!!!!! 
I love you and I promise i will write a nice email next week haha, we will be in Takoradi again so I can send pictures!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

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