Monday, October 21, 2013

 I have internet!!!! Haha hi!

We are in Takoradi today so we are in the nice internet cafe again! I dont understand why there is no internet in Axim, but its true! Pretty crazy, and we will have to ask Pres. Shulz if we can use a members computer or something. Bummer. So i forgot my camera cord!!!!!  Sorry, I guess in a few weeks I will be sending pictures haha! The apartment is sweet! We do have windows and my bed sits right next to the window facing the ocean! So every morning I wake up and look out at the ocean haha! But no I cant hear the waves, Ghana is like a nightclub. There is always music blaring somewhere. I'm sure if it was quiet like back home you could! You can see the waves rolling into the beach which is sweet! Yeah halloween is NOT a thing here, but they have giant parties like every week so they arent missing out or anything. Whenever someone dies its like Christmas morning. There is music blaring, tents set up with chairs, alcohol and food everywhere. They say they don’t enjoy funerals though haha.

I read some of the emails but I will be finishing today! It has sucked not being able to email for like a month! But things in Axim have been sweet! We have met lots of people and now we are just figuring out who is serious and who isn't. We have been planting seeds and next month should be the harvest! We are hopeful for 5-8 baptisms! That would be sweet! The people in Axim are awesome, but a little more stubborn in the gospel than in Bokazo. They have a hard time accepting the need for a restoration. But thats ok, we still work with them.  I was able to go on splits the other day with a new Elder and we stayed in Axim so I was the leader. The day was so smooth and I really felt the Spirit. I talked WAY more in the lessons and was really happy.

This Sunday I was able to give a boy the priesthood. It was Tony, the boy that got baptized right when I arrived! That was a neat experience! I enjoyed it! Remember the boy Aaron who failed his interview? We were hoping to get him ready for baptism but he is being difficult. He avoids us and won’t come to church. When we meet with him and ask if he wants to be baptized, he says yes so we tell him to show he means it by following through, but he never does! Kind of frustrating. But we will keep working with him, even though we have tried everything. Its sad to see someone not accept the gospel, but you can’t force it on anyone. Everyone has the right to choose. 

The lady that feeds us fufu on Sundays has been making MUCH better fufu lately! It has been nice! No smoked fish haha! We had some yesterday and it was good and then another lady gave us half a watermelon and some peanuts! It was sweet! 

Today we played football with the other missionaries which was fun, and then got fufu.  The Ghanaians are funny and always say things like "white man, do you know how to eat fufu?" We played at the stake center in Takoradi. Remember last conference when Pres. Uchdorf talked about being in the stake center in Africa when the power went off and the people began to sing? That’s the stake center! Kinda cool!  We usually get our money while we’re here but the church's account is messed up and there is no money in it, so we have to wait til Wednesday haha! Good thing I have money from home! We are emailing at the cafe now and then we will probably go home and wash our clothes and stuff.  So you asked how we do laundry, we just fill up a big tub with water and mix in detergent packets. We throw the lights in first and let them soak for like an hour. After we sit on a little stool and scrub! We have a bar of soap and rub it into the stains and then scrub the clothes together. After they are clean we wring it out and stick them in a bucket of clean water to soak. We wash all and stick them in the bucket and then throw the darks in and let them soak as we go and hang up the lights. Then we repeat!

Church has been nice! We had a few good meeting lately, the branch is still learning how to do things so sometimes it is funny! But last week we had 9 investigators in church and 10 this week!!!!  It’s been nice! I taught the investigators class this week by myself. Kinda cool. That is a great quote you sent me and it motivate me to improve myself (Marion D. Hanks, "The Lord said, speaking of His servants, 'Their arm shall be my arm.' (D&C 35:14) Have you thought about this? To me this is one of the most sacred and significant and personal commissions I can read about in the holy records or elsewere.  The Lord says this arm of mine is His arm.  This mind, this tongue, these hands, these feet, this purse - these are the only tools He has to work with so far as I am concerned....So far as you are concerned, your arm, your resources, your intelligence, your tongue, your energy, are the only tools the Lord has to work with."). I have been reading the Book of Mormon again and its amazing how awesome it is! Its great reading it with a missionary mindset. It really testifies of Christ and what the Gospel really is. Lots of people think it’s just yelling JESUS here. But really the gospel is all about His love for us and our potential in His plan and His eyes. I am sooo thankful to be here sharing that, even if it isnt easy at times. I will do my best always!

Have a good week, I love you and miss you tons!

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