Monday, September 23, 2013


Thats cool Elder Cardan's mom found you on FB! Haha he told me that would probably happen!  But thats sweet you got the picture and the letter! I hope the packages arrive ok!!! Yeah its always going to be the PMBCC address or whatever, but hopefully they get here! Thanks for the pictures of Tiki.  Those made my day! Thats good Tiki is still alive, keep it that way haha!  Thats good somebody is watching out for Tiki! I miss him quite a bit sometimes, but I am glad he is being watched out for by Adam! Tell Adam congrats on the win! I hear the Utes won too so good! 
Its been kind of rainy here as well, especially today! The rashes on my hands are gone, and I figured out what it was. The detergent I was using to wash my clothes was too strong so when I washed it would burn my hands. But I switched to a different one and now the rashes have stopped! The skin peeled off and now its back to normal! Luckily it wasnt some weird tropical disease or something haha! But yes I do eat pretty healthy! Its mostly the same thing everyday, stew and egg sandwiches, but when we move to Axim next week I want to start making burritos and maybe pizza! So if you could tell me, how do you make dough? Is it just flour, water, eggs, sugar and salt? If I can figure out how to make dough and batter then some good things could be made!  As for unusual food, we eat quite a bit of fufu! Thats what I had for dinner last night at a members house and we had it for lunch at a chop bar(small restaurant) today. Its starting to be really good! You get ALOT and its only $1 american or $2 cedis. But I used to not be able to eat it all and Cardon had to help me but now I can finish it easy! The other day we had Banku, which is made out of cassava and plantain like fufu but the consistency is like mashed potatoes. You eat it with soup just like fufu and swallow it whole just like fufu. Its kind of sour though. I liked it a lot at first, but about half way through it got nasty. You have to finish though so I pounded it down haha! Last week these people gave us some fried fish. When I say fish I mean literally the whole fish. They were about the size of my hand and you eat the whole thing! They were actually pretty good too haha! Crazy how things start to taste good!
This week was really really slow as far as teaching goes, and it was kind of frustrating at times. Cardon was also really sick all week, so I had to kind of step it up more teaching which I liked. It is so nice to teach! The other day we were teaching this guy for the first time about the Restoration, and I was talking about Joseph Smith's First Vision. While I was describing it, the Spirit hit me really hard and my eyes teared up. It was powerful. Experiences like that make all the stupid stuff and slow days worth it. The language is getting easier, and by language I mean english haha. The english is coming more and more, sometimes though it gets frustrating when you know people dont understand you and they dont admit it. But yeah I am adjusting. Crazy to think it has been almost two months! I am getting more comfortable talking to people, that part was hard at first. That was really my big problem. Because you dont want to say anything when they are going to respond in a way you dont understand haha! But I am getting used to it more and more each day. 
The only thing I can carry on my head are the big bags of water sachets! They are easy haha, but some of the things people carry on their heads are just insane. There will be people carrying big giant TV's or other ridiculous things. No way I will EVER be able to do that haha! For pday we were in Takoradi to pick up our money. We met at the Stake Center with the other 30+ missionaries from the surrounding zones and everyone played football. I have had a cold oddly enough the past two days so I didnt play because I felt like crap, but it is getting better. We usually go email at the nice Vodafone internet cafe, but I guess today is the first presidents of Ghana's b-day so a bunch of things are closed. Stupid. So no pictures for 28 more days I guess! Sorry! 
I read a great talk called the 4th Missionary, which really opened my eyes to how I want and need to be. It scares me to think that one day in the field I wont appreciate the time I have out here, because a lot of people dont and just want to leave. I dont want to be like that, but it is very easy to fall into that attitude that in 23 months everything will be nice. The time I have out here is a gift and I want to use it to help other people and to grow and learn. There is no way I will let anything keep me from doing my best. I am so happy to have this opportunity to serve. I miss and love you and everyone else, but I know this is where I am needed. I can truly say I am happy out here. Oh and the talk I gave was pretty short, but it was on the Atonement and that we should always use it in any situation. But yeah it went alright haha!
I love you sooo much! I will talk to you soon! I hope those packages will be ok! OH AND I FOUND MY SHIRTS!!!! THEY WERE IN MY BAG ALL ALONG! Haha sorry for saying they werent! But they are! Oh and also, I kinda want a Taco Time package but I dont want to demand one.  Some hot sauce and freeze dried pinto beans would be sweet haha! And letters from anyone there as well!
Love you!!!

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