Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I got a great surprise in my email today, Elder Cardon's mom forwarded me her son's letter from this week.  I was so excited since Elder Hack's didn't make it over due to internet issues.  Here are some funny and exciting excerpts from his letter.  They sound like amazing missionaries and are having fun together! What a blessing!!

Church yesterday was my favorite sunday so far of my mission, by far. It was fast and testimony meeting (no conference haha, maybe in a few months we'll watch 1 session voiced over in Fante again...).But then, they asked us missionaries to bare our testimonies first, and we talked about how we're going to need members to help us, now that we're here full time, and i bore my testimony about every member being a missionary. But then, the rest of testimony meeting had a sweet missionary theme.The members here are SO excited to have us here. Elder Hack and i have some great ideas about getting the members involved, and if it all works out, things are going to explode. Like, big time. I'm hoping to spend 2 or 3 transfers here, at least. We had a random member of the Accra temple presidency attending too, and he got up and did a really good job motivating the people to help us. I think we can start getting 10 or more referrals a week and 20 or so member present lessons a week. It's gonna be sweet. Our new branch president has a goal to have a church building here in Axim by the time he's released. I hope it all happens and it gives me goosebumps to think about haha. Then we went to sunday school where we had an investigator, Moro, commit to baptism on Nov. 10! We have 2 more people we're trying to prepare and give a date to for that day, so we're hoping for 1 on the 19th of Oct, and 3 on Nov. 10! Finally, a funny story from this week. So part of the members being so excited about us being here, is that they've started feeding us more! I love it usually because i can put down just about anything, but yesterday Hack SUFFERED. Hahahaha. Oh man. She made us a HUGE ball of fufu, with soup and smoked fish. Hack hates the smoked fish, and it makes the whole soup taste like smoked fish. So like 3 bites in he said he was done, and there was absolutely no way i could eat the whole thing, the ball was huge. Luckily Hackmeister had a water bottle in his backpack. Hahaha he stood it up in his bag, and whenever Sister Felicia and family wasnt looking or got up, he took a big chunk of fufu and put it in his water bottle inside his backpack haha. We survived but i was stuffed. Oh my gosh. Hahaha it was funny. But things are going great right now! We're working hard and doing our best for everything to explode in Axim. We know that the Lord can do more with us than we can do with ourselves, so we are just doing all that we can. It's an exciting time right now.

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