Monday, November 4, 2013


Man this has been a busy week! Kind of a crazy week, but a good one!! I am happy things are going well at home! I love hearing stories from home, it is nice and cozy haha! But I will be sure to get some pics of the kids with the bracelets when the packages come. I have given out some of the CTR rings, I try to be selective to whom I give, because I want them to actually know what they mean. But yeah I still have some, which is nice! Sounds like Adam is doing good at ball and that Halloween was good! So he went eh? What was he? I had a dream I came home and you hadn't really changed the garage doors so I was mad haha! Random. No we didn't take Malaria classes, weird. We just take our Doxy pills every day and sleep under the net. But life in Axim is going well! We will have 4 baptisms on the 17th! I am hoping to get to baptize somebody! That would be cool! And we are hoping that this couple will be ready either the last week of Nov or the first week of Dec. They have been wanting to get baptized the last 4 years, but were not married. They just got their traditional marriage done in the last 6 months so they are good! Traditional marriage is when the guy pays the bride price haha!
Yes we have still been teaching Justina. I am hoping she will be baptized in Dec. The other day we taught her and she broke down in tears because of her trials. Ghanaians don't cry. It was sad, but we were able to help her a lot. I am kind of disappointed because she didn't come to church this week. That is going to be the hardest thing, getting her to leave her church. But the Gospel is the only thing that can bring true peace and joy. I have been thinking about that a lot lately. I was reading the articles from that Temples magazine you got me a while back, and man the temple is such an amazing place. I encourage you guys to go as much as you can! The blessings are eternal. I wish I could go! I am really grateful for sealings! I know that no matter where we are or what happens to us, we will always be together if we are living righteously! What a blessing!  How can anyone go through this life knowing that beautiful truth and not go forward with it! You should sacrifice all that is necessary to attain that blessing! I have also been thinking a lot about my own self and reflecting. A scripture that has repeatedly come to mind is Ether 12:27, along with Philippians 4:13 and Isaiah 41:10. Read those ones. One of the hardest but best blessings thus far out here has been seeing my own flaws and weaknesses and improving them. This is a refining process, and I know that I can have my weaknesses turned into strengths if I will turn to Christ.

So I have a fun story. We were down by the beach and we looked to the left and sitting behind this building and beside a canoe was this giant sea turtle on its back! We thought it was dead, but as we walked over, it started moving! It was huge! Probably 200 lbs or more. It couldn't move, and I wanted to flip it so bad. But apparently somebody bought it for $20 for dinner! I was tempted to pay them off and flip it! Or just do it and run! But I’m sure its not hard to find the white guy and exact revenge on him haha! Everyone knows where we live already so... But man this turtle was sweet! It was sad and is in somebody’s freezer I’m sure, but that’s not something you see every day. 

This Sunday we watched conference too! Oh except it was in Fante... We watched two sessions, the Saturday afternoon and the Sunday morning I think. The Motab was english so that was nice haha! But the Liahonna should come next month so that will be nice.  

I am happy to get the packages soon! I emailed dad about a Christmas one, remember Little Debby and Mindy Mints are always good haha! And maybe a giant bag of M and Ms? IDK haha!  Thank you for the support. I love you soooo much! I will talk to you soon! Literally!

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