Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Monday!!!

Yeah I am really glad that me and Cardon are staying here, we work well together! There are transfers every 6 weeks, so the next one is right before Christmas, so we will see!  And I remembered my cord so I will send pictures home!!!! Finally!!!

This week was crazy!!! On Tuesday we were in Takoradi for our zone meeting, which went well. We taught like one lesson that day, so that was kinda too bad. But it was a fun day. And then on Thursday we went to Tarkwa so Cardon could do their interviews. They had 3 people so I just sat with the sweet Tarkwa elders and we watched The Other Side of Heaven and some movie about the church starting in Ghana. It was sweet! We left Tarkwa at like 7 and got to Takoradi at like 9. We stayed with two of the Takoradi elders and then the next day Cardon and one of them went to Cape Coast for a District leaders meeting, so I spent the day with Elder Darlington from Nigeria in Takoradi. It was cool, Takoradi is actually pretty nice, which means I have been out here a while because it would make you cry haha. So dirty and smelly, but by now it is nice. Anyway we taught a few lessons until Cardon came back then we all met at the Stake Center. We needed interviews done in Axim for our people so Cardon and our new Zone leader Elder Ndah went back to Axim and I stayed in the other Takoradi area with our good ole Britsh Zone leader, Elder Moore. He is awesome, so funny I love the guy. We had fun and explored the city a bit.  Found a place that sells those knock off cereals. So today since we are back in Takoradi for Sub pday I am going to buy some fake Reeses Puffs!!!! Saturday I returned to Axim late and then Sunday we had the baptisms!!!!

It was such a good Sunday! One to remember. All 3 got baptized after church and we had a bunch of investigators there to witness it! We taught a really good lesson on baptism to them in the investigators class too, so it really touched them I think. But I got to baptize all three of them!!! What a great experience! Paul, Moro, and Francis. Francis is like 6 foot or so, and I baptized him last. It took 3 tries to get him under haha, his head would not go down!!! And I almost slipped trying to bring him up the first time because he lifted his feet off the ground! That would not have been good!!!! But we got him under on the 3rd try haha! He is kind of a funny guy and after we got changed and closed, I went to explain to him why we had to do it three times. I asked him if he knew why and he told me "Oh yes, I felt the powers of the RAGING river!" haha what a typical Ghanaian thing to say. But we cleared it up for him.

That is crazy Adam will be 12! That’s so exciting though! I remember my first time passing the sacrament, seems like yesterday. That’s cool he will get to go to the temple as well! I am happy you got to go to Bush's homecoming! I am sure he did great, he was a great missionary. That’s funny dad knows his dad, what a small world. Hope you are able to get the paintings soon! Tell him I say Oh Toh Den.

Today we are in Takoradi again and we are staying the night because we have a big meeting with President Shulz and stuff, so since it takes so long to travel back, we are just staying here. We went to the beach as a combined zone in Takoradi today, which was sweet. I took my white shirt off and changed into shorts and a t shirt. When I came back to change back, somebody stole my shirt and left me a piece of crap white shirt! I was mad! No idea where it went, but luckily I packed a spare one in my bag since we are staying over tonight! What type of guy steals my shirt!? Haha oh well. Hmmm I thought I had more to write, but really that’s all, just a crazy, but sweet, week! Ok I will send pics now though!!!! Love you!!!

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