Monday, November 18, 2013

 The glowsticks are a hit. We gave them to some kids, like Paul that we baptized. They were walking around showing all the neighbors and stuff. We had an older lady run up to us and demand we give one to her. We laughed and asked how old she was and just straighfaced she said, "I am 51 years." Hahaha sadly we were out. But this little guys name is Joshua. He is a legend. He never cries or gets upset. He is awesome. Always happy to see us, so we gave him a glow stick and it made his life.

 Some more of the Rock

 These kids were playing the jugs like drums and the others were dancing. It actually was really cool! We went out of our way to walk over to them and take some pictures. You can see how the one jug is facing me right? Every time he would hit it a blast of air would come out and hit me in the crotch. Took me a minute to figure what the heck was going on haha.

 Window diving haha!

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