Monday, November 18, 2013

 THANK YOU FOR THE PANCAKE MIX!!! It was sooo goood! Made some apple pancakes here with a side of apples!

 Some Acheke. Its an Nzema dish. Its pretty much like salty rice, but it has veggies and, obviously, fish. "Dont eat me Elder!"
 This is some acheke that Francis made for us, it was really good! That is fish on top.

Haha the guy we baptized Francis fed us a few weeks ago. We had fufu and there was just random meat and fish in there as well. Shrimp, fish, and this thing. It was a ribcage. To what I dont know, but you can see the heart on the left side. The meat was actually really really good. I am guessing it was cat just judging by the size. If so, cat is dang nice!

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