Monday, November 11, 2013

I got the packages yesterday!!! Thank you sooo much they were awesome!!!! Lots of good stuff inside! I am wearing the Ziggy shirt right now, it is so nice! Thank you! In the next package I could use some shaving cream just fyi.  

I agree the year has shot on by, seems like it was just Christmas and stuff! Madness! I hope the Festival stuff goes smoothly though. Tell Adam good job with basketball, I am sure he is doing great! As for the walking, most of Axim is pretty centralized. The church is a ways though, maybe a 20 minute walk. But we walked a TON on Saturday. There is a village called Nsein that is like 45 minutes away, and all of our appointments fell through that day so we decided to walk there. There are a few members who live there and we just talked to random people. One of the members there is a man named Timothy Krutchie. He is like 65 years old and is completely blind, yet he comes to church each week! What a boss! He worked at a cement factory in the early 80's and got a bunch of cement dust in his eyes and they botched the washing so now he is blind. The company didn't pay him his pension and his lawyer stole his money, yet he is always so happy and willing to serve God. It’s awesome. We went and visited him and he bought us a Fanta! Also he had us help him pick some garments out and then the next day in church was Fast and Testimony Meeting so he got up and thanked us. It was sweet. But yeah we walked a TON that day. We had the Zone leaders come on splits with us on Thursday, Elder Moore from England came with us and Elder Bush went to Nkroful. It was sweet! Elder Moore is hilarious, we laughed too much that day. We had too much fun too haha. In the apartment there is a window in between the hallway and the living room for some reason, a big window just in the wall, so we opened it and laid some mattresses on one side of the window and dove through the window onto the mattresses. We got some sweet pictures of mid jump haha. But yeah. Speaking of Elder Bush, he comes home this week! He will have two homecomings, one this Sunday in his new ward and one next in his old. I got his address, but I left it at the apartment!!!! Sorry! Maybe you can find him on Facebook? Austin Bush. He has those paintings for you guys. And our Zone is Takoradi and the district is Nkroful. We are about 3 hours from the mission home, so it’s a ways away. And yeah we have had water everyday this week I think! Sweet!!!  We eat quite a bit of fish here, but as long as it isn't smoked its all good haha!

Axim is doing great, we had one heck of a week! Transfer news came in Saturday and both me and Cardon are staying, so that’s good! We had a really good transfer and our work is showing off. We had 14 investigators come to church yesterday! The branch is so excited to see the missionary work affect them! We will be having 3 people baptize this Sunday! A 14 year old boy named Paul, a 28 year old guy named Moro, and a 50+ guy named Francis Seki. It’s exciting. We are gonna have a busy busy week ahead of us too. We are going to Takoradi tomorrow for a Zone meeting, on Wednesday we will do splits with the Tarkwa Elders, on Thursday we will have to go to Takoradi and spend the night because Cardon has a District leader meeting in Cape Coast on Friday. Then on Friday after his meeting we will go to Nkroful to do some interviews. Saturday the zone leaders are coming to interview our three baptismal guys, and then Sunday will be the baptisms! So it’s gonna be crazy!

We went on splits on Friday with the elders from Agona. Elder Cardon went to Agona and Elder Richards came to Axim with me. He was in the MTC with me and was the one wanting to go home. Man that was an interesting day.  Funny dynamic. Its hard to type, but I promise it is a funny story not an angry one hahaha. You asked how we email. We have to travel to Essiama, about 30 minutes in a taxi. There is no internet cafe in Axim still, so we just have to travel. Not too terrible, but the internet is dicey here.  After my last letter you asked about how they pay for a bride. I am not sure how much the average bride price is, but the parents set it. So we found out that the church considers them married as long as they have met both parents and agreed on the price, and paid at least partially. So this guy just has to make a down payment and he can get baptized hahaha!  I don’t know if you can use cows or sea turtles, but it wouldn’t surprise me haha. No I have not seen any more turtles. Oh but last week after emailing on Monday, we went to Axim beach for lunch. I had a Chicken burger and fries! And while we were eating there were whales jumping out of the ocean!! It was awesome! Big giant whales like 2 miles out. You could see them jump and then giant explosions of water! It was sweet!

Thanks for all you do for me!!! I love you sooo much and will talk to you next week!

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