Monday, November 25, 2013

Hi! It sounds like it’s been a good week and will be a good week! This has been a good week out here in Jurassic Park as well! I didn’t buy the knock off Reeses Puffs, because I decided to go with the knock off Cap'n Crunch called Sammy the Sailor. I bought some milk powder and enjoyed it for the week each morning haha! It was soo good!!!! I am glad you enjoyed the pictures! There were a lot! Yeah last Sunday was awesome and we did confirm them yesterday! Hopefully they will all get the priesthood this week! Just depends on if the branch president interviews them. Speaking of the branch president....

They had a big leadership training for all the wards and branches in Takoradi last week Saturday. So apparently our branch president and 1st councilor got in a big fight over some money or something and were screaming at each other and he said he wanted to stop being branch president. The poor guy runs the branch by himself and really doesn’t get any help from the councilors or anyone. The clerk can’t use the computer so he even puts all the records in. On top of that he is a teacher and is always really busy. So he was feeling really stressed. But he got calmed down and he is cool now. But on Tuesday we had a Zone meeting with President Shulz and he came and did interviews. He called me and Elder Cardon to be the Assistant Clerks in the branch so we are going to help with all the records and basically all the computer stuff. So I am glad we will be able to relieve that stress from his job. He is a really good president, he just doesn’t really have any help and is really busy. Oh and his name is Adolf so he has that going for him haha. On Friday I went on splits while Elder Cardon was in Agona doing interviews. I was with Elder Reihle from DC. We had a pretty good day, only taught a few lessons though. But we taught this guy named Ebenezer who we met recently and he came to church. He is smart and interested. We were teaching him a good lesson about the Restoration and it was going good, and then some guy came and joined us and wanted to cause trouble. He must read American news some small bit or something because he just kept saying stupid things like. "I’m sure you know about Mitt Romney and the reason he lost is because the people in America are suspicious about where your church gets its money from." He was just obsessed about where the church got its money from. Then after that we detracted from the Restoration and talked about tithing, he just went off about how nobody in America likes black people and stupid stuff like that, so that was sweet. But Ebenezer was awesome and was like, "No man, I have been to the church. It’s good." So he is a boss. We will see if he keeps it up. We also taught the boy Paul’s auntie. He is the one who got baptized. She came to church and she has sat in our lessons before. I think she knows the church is true but she is just stubborn and won’t leave her Anglican church. We had a really good lesson with her about how if you want to know the truth and act on it, God will answer your prayers. She felt the Spirit you could tell, but she is just stubborn. Hopefully she will humble herself though and accept it.

That is so weird that Adam is 12! Seems like yesterday it was my first time doing fast offerings and passing the sacrament. Good for him, that is sweet. About the thing, I know I had to create a profile before I left, is that what you are talking about? We don’t ever use them or anything out here because people really don’t have computers. Seems like everyones phones can access facebook though, everyone is on facebook.

I am excited for the christmas packages! I will do my best to wait, But it will depend on our fridge haha. See the thing is if you leave any food out, even if it is wrapped and sealed, the ants will swarm it. So we have to put everything in the fridge. If there is room in the fridge, I will save it. If not, then I will have to open it and cram each thing individually into the fridge haha. So we will see! I still have some of the candy from the last one in the fridge. The kids loved the glow sticks and I have started on the bracelets. Got a picture of Paul and his handicapped cousin with them on, so I’m sure you and whoever made the bracelets will enjoy that picture.

For Thanksgiving I am planning on buying a frozen piece of chicken today! So we will boil it or something and have it with the potatoes and gravy you sent, maybe I will even make the jello! It will be just like being home for Thanksgiving! Except for the pie and family and stuff haha. Good luck with Festival.  That is a good quote you sent, and is timed right haha (quote: It’s ok to be a glow stick; sometimes you have to break before you shine). Thank you!

I hope you have a good week, thanks for all you do for me. You are the best parents in the world!!!!! Love you!

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