Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy Groundhog Day to you and to Bill Murray! Hope you all have a nice day and that the groundhog sees his shadow! Or not, I really don’t remember which is good. We only have grasscutters here, but I guess they must be cousins so maybe I will go find one and have him take a gander at his shadow (or lack thereof). This has been a good week though, on the news of the WWE in the ward, we had a great day yesterday because the stake pres came and released the bishop and Brother Ewudzie is the new one!!! Yeah I am so excited, it is gonna be sweet!  He is a powerful guy and will lead things forward for sure! That quote from President Hinckley is just wonderful though, thanks for sending it! [I plead with you to control your tempers, to put a smile upon your faces, which will erase anger; speak out with words of love and peace, appreciation, and respect.  If you will do this, your lives will be without regret.] How true it is! I will keep my eye out for Elder Johnson next month. Gotta meet the boy from the home village (Preston) since that is where my blood is from hahahaha. He will have a great mission, how lucky he is to come to this place; we are the luckiest missionaries in the world! 

HOLY COW!!!! I nearly had a heart attack when I read how much gas prices are! That is crazy! Man I could fill the Mazda for like $10 bucks then! Man here they do it by liters and it’s like 3.70 for a liter, so IDK how that really converts haha... Glad to hear that sleepy little Kaysville is getting the all star treatment! Just need an In-N-Out and it will be set! Ah I never got to go to the castle to check on the nativity, P-days are always hectic and every other day is hectic as well...sorry! I will do my best to get around to it one of these days though I promise. So my running shoes literally got stolen by puppies so I don’t have them anymore. I need to go buy a pair haha!

Well, the week has been good. We had the opportunity to watch the film Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration with some of our recent converts. They kind of fell asleep, but I really enjoyed it! The Prophet Joseph had such an amazing life. I always love hearing about him and learning how the Lord restored everything through him. The Church is true and anyone who denies that is missing out on soooo many blessings! I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet because of the fact that I have read and prayed about his life and the Book of Mormon. The Spirit testifies. I don’t know if you are all reading the Book of Mormon regularly back home, but I issue a challenge to all who read this. I challenge you all to begin now to read the Book of Mormon. Read it daily. I have 6 months left; you can finish by the time I get back. I promise that if you begin to do so now, the Lord will open your eyes to so many things. He will pour out His Spirit upon you. You will know it is true. The choice is up to you, you can now choose to receive that blessing or pass it up!

Fun fact, last month the mission baptized 123 people. We get a printout each month as zone leaders and it blew me away when I saw that! Wow that is a whole ward that we are baptizing each month!  See how the work of the Lord moves forward, a stone cut without hands and is filling the whole earth! I am so humbled to be able to take part in this amazing work. Let’s see, this week on Saturday we had the trainers meeting for the Ward Mission Leaders that we were planning and it was great! We all instructed as zone leader companionships and it went well! We ourselves instructed on the importance of developing a ward mission plan and carrying it out with the entire ward! It was great; everyone said they learned a lot from the meeting. That is a problem here in Ghana, the WML's really don’t know what to do and what their duties are. They are usually just called and left with no training. So hopefully it will help them and the work move forward. OH and we had a great miracle happen this week. S, the woman with the debt problem who couldn't be baptized, informed us that she paid it all off!!! So we are planning for her baptism on the 14th! I am so excited, it is a miracle and now the family of the person who cheated her is even paying her the money back! It shows how sometimes the Lord will test our faith and loyalty but if we endure, he will exalt us above our problems! That is the great test! Well, that is basically what is up here! We are doing well though, life is moving onward and it is great! I am happy and healthy! Thanks for everything! I love you sooo much! You are the best!

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