Wednesday, February 11, 2015

 Elder Hack with Elder Odongo picking 
up his package at the hospital :)
Thank You Dr. Meier!!!  This is the post I 
put on Instagram that tells about the package:

MLC - Picture courtesy of President Stevenson's blog!

Happy Monday to you all! Well let me just start out by saying WOW! You people are pretty cleaver haha! I got a call on Tuesday night at like 9 by Elder Davies, the area 70. He said something along the lines of, "there’s a man at the hospital from Utah who has a parcel." I had no idea what he was talking about, but I was able to finally get the full details out of him haha! I was definitely not expecting that! Yes I was sad not to be able to meet Bro. Meier but it was cool meeting Jonathan Curtis. I guess he is Elder Curtis' son right? It was kind of awkward meeting him, it was like,"hey there stranger! So I heard you have my package right?" Haha but again THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am wearing some new socks, new tie, and ring as I am typing this! The sister missionaries stole the candy that was in Susan and Gordies card, so it went to good use I guess. But yeah, after we had MLC we drove to the hospital and located that bad boy! Tell them thanks for me! Oh and I gave them my camera card with my 1000+ pics on it so be sure to follow up on that one haha!  I am glad to hear everyone is doing good back home. Happy to hear you are taking me up on that challenge. How about everyone else? Everyone should do it! Right now I am reading both the BoM and the Old Testament. I am in Alma 6 right now and somewhere in Judges  haha. Let’s just say the BoM is much easier to read than the OT. I LOVE reading the BoM though, those quotes you sent are spot on! There is no greater feeling than reading the BoM! As for me here in my neck of the woods, life is good. I instructed in our district meeting on Tuesday. I instructed on Charity. It is such an interesting topic to me. It is so deep and something we can always work on and should work on. Both Paul
and Mormon really expound on it. I love Moroni 7 where Mormon talks about it. It is wonderful. As followers of Christ we ALL must develop charity. It is a commandment actually. The instruction went well, it was fun. It’s always kind of fun to instruct, but man it would be tiring to be a district leader and do it each week haha! After our meeting though, we took the time to interview each district member individually as there had been a bit of drama going on inside and so we shut that down in a nice way! It’s always something that is going on out here! There is never a dull moment for sure! But it’s fun! I was going back through some of my old journal entries and man I love reading all the crazy stories and all the wonderful stories as well! So I guess all these weird things will make for good stories  hahaha. Well as you know, we had MLC this week! It was really good. We have Elder Dube coming to tour the mission next month and we are also having zone conferences next month as well, so that will be really exciting. We talked about what will happen a little, and at zone conference we will have to present a training instruction so that will be good. Also, we talked a lot about obedience. That is   something President keeps stressing.  It was a good meeting. After, as you know, we went and got the package and then I tore that bad boy open! Again, thank you so much for everything inside, it’s all awesome! We then went to stake PEC and it was a good meeting as well. Those are odd days; literally all day was spent in the AC! Can’t complain at all though hahaha! The week has otherwise been good, we were hoping to have like 5 investigators come to church, but only 2 showed up. Still good, but not quite what we were expecting. We are excited though about Selina's baptism on Saturday though, it will be AWESOME!!!

Today was a good day, we had a zone activity at this place called the FIFA pitch, it is a turf field so we went and played soccer there. It was actually kind of fun! Haha odd considering it was soccer! I got some nice sun though, which is always good! Sounds like you guys will be getting some rays down in Vegas! It is also our subsistence p-day as well, always a plus. Oh and it is my 18 month mark, so some of us who came together went to Hayfords and got pizza! It was sweet! Yeah it’s been a good day for sure!  Well, this should be a good week here in Cape. All is going well, life is good! Thank you for everything though, you are the literal best!!! I love you so much, thank you for all you do for me! Never can EVER say it enough! Love you!

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