Monday, January 26, 2015

Hey there! Good afternoon from a very humid Cape Coast! It’s been pretty weird weather this week, really hot and dry, really rainy, really humid! It has not rained in a long time, but it’s rained like 3 times this week! Good little change from the dust! It has been a good week here, lots has happened.  First of all, we were able to extend a baptismal date to an investigator named R. We have been visiting him for a little bit now and we had a powerful lesson with him about the Gospel and baptism and we extended to him the date of the 21st of Feb and he was really excited about it! It was great! We have two now with that date, another guy named B. who is the boyfriend of M, the girl we baptized last month. They are both cool guys and they are both really willing to learn, very receptive and thoughtful about the gospel. B came to church, but sadly R did not. We went to his house after but he was not around and his phone wasn’t going through, so we don’t really know what happened. Oh and another cool thing happened this week. There is a woman named M. who has come to church the past two weeks. We met her on the street and she didn’t speak English, she just told us she would come to church on Sunday. We didn’t really take it all that serious because people say that all the time, but she surprised us and actually came! So we were able to see her during the week and found out she is from Ivory Coast and her children are all baptized, but she never was. So we have started teaching her now! She doesn’t know all that much, but we will work with her! She is a cool lady though. It’s always interesting to see how the Lord brings people to Him. He does His work very well I have learned. She was just placed into our hands! We taught a man a powerful lesson on the law of chastity though this week. He confessed that he had told his girlfriend to have an abortion twice and he was very sorrowful about it and really wanted to repent. He was so humble about it and really wants to make things right, so cool to see when people really want to apply the gospel and change! I was so happy to see him so repentant, it’s not something you see all too often with people, but he was so willing to go through the process. Also, we saw Ben tum this week, our recent convert and we challenged him to help us in missionary work by praying for R and B to accept the gospel and he was so excited at the idea of it. He was determined to do it and do it daily. He is such a boss! That guy really loves the Gospel so much and wants to do everything he can and all that is asked of him. I am happy to see how much it has blessed him. Well, that is the happy news of the week, now onto the just stressful news hahaha. Sunday was just one of those days that will go down in history like the hair fiasco in Akonfudi haha. So a couple of the men don’t get along right? Well, during Priesthood opening exercises, things escalated....Yeah it was close to blows being thrown. It would have happened, except Bro. Ewudzie got in between them and wouldn’t allow that to happen.  Both of them acted like children. That is not how the Lord's church is run. That is how the tavern down the street is run.  James Ewudzie is in our ward. His brother is the bishop in another ward not far from here though. He is such a great guy, he tells us all his stories all the time. He has lots of interesting experiences for sure! It’s been nice to get to know him!

Today has been a nice day though. We went to a place called Hans Cottage with our district. They have wild crocodiles there chilling around a big pond and so we got to go see them swimming around and we got to touch one! Yep there was one hanging out on the ground and we got to go pet it. Got some cool pics I will send sometime haha, maybe not tomorrow but soon! They are very docile because it’s a tourist site, so IDK if I should really call them "wild." The one out of the water was kind of small sadly, but there were BIG ones in the water. It was sweet! They had a pool table so we played some pool too. It’s been fun! Not every day you can go pet a crocodile though eh? Ah yeah that is really cool about Brady’s work with the NHL All Star Game though. It is definitely a dream come true. Speaking of career dreams coming true, E. Seaman was saying he read a thing back home about how some airlines were offering to pay for people’s flight school if they passed a test. Can you check on that for me? That would be pretty cool if it was real eh? Have fun at Elements. Yeah I remember that place; they have really good pizza there! You asked for advice for someone coming here, tell him to learn how to make stew,(like spaghetti sauce-like stews) and also he should make sure his shirts fit well, not too poofy cuz he will lose weight. NO MESH GARMENTS! They are the worst because they don’t absorb sweat at all! Go dry-lux! Oh and tell him how to learn how to shower with cold water everyday hahaha. That will be a good start for him. JK tell him to take advantage of hot showers while he can! Well, that is what’s going on in my neck of the woods. I’m kind of offended you weren’t sure I know who Mr. Rogers is. Of course I do! Thank you for everything though, you are all the BEST! Lastly, know that I KNOW with all I am that God lives. It’s not even a question. I feel sad for all who are not sure or who don’t believe He is there. He is, and it makes all the difference to have that knowledge. Moreover, I know that His Church is established on the earth. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is His true Church. I don’t think that because I heard it from my childhood or because somebody told me it is so, I know it is so because the Lord has shown and told me it is so. That is something that I will NEVER be able to deny. I am filled with peace as I contemplate what that means. He speaks to the world through a prophet. Though it may be different than our own view, what the Prophet of the Lord says is always true. It’s up to us to gain the faith to follow them. They are not men learned in things of the world; they are tools in the hands of the Lord. I know it is so. I cherish this knowledge because it is a beacon in a world of darkness and faithlessness. I have direction, I have clarity. That is what the Lord offers, along with an eternity of other blessings. He is there. His Love is real. I love you all so much, thanks again! Have a good week!

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