Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Helllllllllloooooooooooooo to you as well! Thank you for the b-day wishes! The b-day was pretty sweet! I am glad to hear that a cake was enjoyed in my honor! I was hoping you would all go to that fufu place in Salt Lake or something, but cake is good too I guess haha! You know what? Not only was it my b-day, it was also Elder McKeon’s birthday as well! He hit the big 2 1, so that was pretty cool! We went to a restaurant to celebrate the occasion, had some nice Hawaiian style chicken so it was sweet! Sister Stevenson called and sung happy birthday to us as well, so that happened! Yep it is 50% USA up the steps, so that is kinda cool. It was a pretty good b-day! I mean, I got to run around a tro tro station for 5 hours ;) to answer the question you  asked, we begin at 9 and go until usually 12, but we ended about 2 this time because it was a nice big transfer! It went well though, just kind of stressful haha!  We gather all the missionaries being transferred, put their bags in piles according to where they are going, then we have to go and find cars or tros to take them to wherever they are going. We have to pay for them, we have to coordinate because there are two stations and some arrive at one station but need to go to the other, so we are just coordinating everything basically. Kinda interesting haha. I don’t think this is probably how transfers work in other places hahaha! But nothing went wrong luckily; I was pretty worried about that as I had made a few errors when I typed up our transfer plan. But luckily it all worked out well!  Elder McKeon and I shared a good b-day! We went to the restaurant and then we made the cheesecake you sent, lit the trick candles and enjoyed it! Yes E. McKeon is from Oregon, not sure the exact place. He has been out 6 weeks longer than me though. We are getting along just fine. We went and taught a lesson to an investigator that night and found out it was his son’s b-day as well! So we were feeling pretty proud about what a great day the 18th is! The next day we went to go and teach a couple who we just met. Their names are Ebenezer and Bernice. Bernice was pregnant, but it didn’t look like she was way pregnant. Well, when we showed up she was sitting on her bed and we greeted her only to see a baby on the bed next to her...she had literally just come back from the hospital after giving birth haha! ... but yep another Feb 18ther. A little baby boy, I told them to name him Hackmeister. We taught her and she took some pain killers about halfway through the lesson, then about 10 mins later she was falling asleep haha, those drugs worked! Kinda awkward... Transfers are always just kind of an awkward week though when you get a new companion, but it’s all good! E. Odongo went home to Uganda.  Not Liberia luckily. Those from Liberia are just having their missions extended since they cannot go home. That would be interesting I am sure. We do have a sweet apartment now though, we are having fun.

Glad you got the camera card safely! That is so great he was able to take it and deliver it! Sorry to scar everyone with the dog ones, but come on that had to be documented! Haha, sorry....Old Yellers time was up! But I will be sure to take lots of pics and videos as much as I can! That would be so cool to go with Dr. Meier next year or something! I am sure he had a great time! This is a great place for sure! IDK what you would be eating when you come here, I guess fufu is probably gluten free, but IDK if you could eat it with your fingernails hahaha! Oh well, I’m sure you could figure something out! He stayed at a place called Coconut Grove; I have heard it is a really nice hotel. You'll have to look it up! This has been a good week, but it’s really been pretty stressful. I am not a big fan of transfers, just an ordeal haha. I also am not a fan of drama, but its creeping back up again so that is fun...Ah well, it’s all part of life I suppose. We are working to find some new investigators though; hopefully we can work with the members and make it happen. We visited some less actives and we were happy to see one come to church on Sunday, and after church we visited another who left because he was an employee of the church and got laid off. It sounded like he just needed someone to come and show him some love, because he said he and his family will be coming back to church on Sunday so that is exciting! It is so rewarding to see people respond positively to the gospel!

As for the school situation, well I talked to Brayden and he is good with it. So if you could talk to him that would be awesome! I will have to see who else will be going to USU. I am pretty set on aviation. Sometimes I wonder if I should do something else, but then I see a plane flying and remember how great it is. As of now I suppose aviation is still the path! Good luck on the camp planning, sounds like it will be fun, you will think of something awesome I am sure!

Well, it’s pretty much what’s going on. It’s been a pretty stressful week, not too much to report on though haha! I hope this week will be more easy going, but we have to prepare for Elder Dube who is coming on the 12th and then we have zone conference on the 25th so sounds like it will be busy busy busy! But that is good!! I am doing good though, just trying to get into the swing of things with the changes! Life is pretty sweet though! Love you soooo much! Thank you for everything you do for me! You are the BEST!!!!

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