Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy sunshine week! Looks like you guys are living the high life there in Vegas! I am doing pretty good here in Cape Coast though. I am excited for you guys to get the camera card! You will have fun looking at the pics and watching the videos I hope! Glad it is in a safe place now though, I always hear stories of missionaries getting their card wiped out with all pics, so YAY! Take good care of it! Sooo weird that it is my b-day yet again. I am indeed leaving the teen years, kinda weird. Yep it should be a great birthday of moving people all over the place! And getting a new companion. I will be with Elder McKeon, he is from the US. It will be my 1st American companion in a year so that will be interesting. But it should be sweet! Also Elder Seaman will get a new companion, Elder Joseph from South Africa. We should have a good time in the apartment! Will have to go have a happy birthday pizza after the transfers are done. That sounds fun that you went to the women’s lunch with all the Ghana mammas though. Glad some GCCM mommies were there to represent! 

Well this has been an ok week here! The highlights of the week were Selina's baptism interview with President Stevenson and the baptism itself. She needed to be interviewed by him because of the situation. We did it in the church in Cape and we were just hanging out outside and after about 30 mins she came running out clapping and smiling and jumping up and down! It was like after someone wins the golden ticket on American Idol! She was going to Hollywood!!! Actually she was good to go for baptism! We were soo happy! President said that was the happiest person he has ever seen to be baptized. So cool! Yes the baptism went pretty well. We were planning for 8 between all the Cape Elders but ended up having 4. It was great though. A missionary named Elder Chukwu (Choo Kwoo) baptized her. She was really really excited and happy; it was her dream come true. Oh and a really cool thing is that her son who is Brady's age got baptized in Accra the same day!!! He had been going to church for 2 years but was too afraid to tell his mom. Well, she told him she was getting baptized and he said, guess what me too! So cool! The Lord works in a mysterious way! She has gone through a lot, and it is a big testimony to me to see her baptized! Sooo cool! Yes so that was the big highlight of the week! Ah and transfers, but I told you about that! We had a nice South African soup for dinner with the APs and Pres and Sister Stevenson. It tasted a lot like your beef stew, only it had chicken. We ate it with homemade bread too! Can’t complain about that at all! It was fun! Well, the transfer has come, the transfer has gone! It’s been a bit of a stressful week as I have been killing my companion [his companion is going home, they say they “kill” their companion when they are the last one who serves with them before they go home]. It gets to the point where you kind of have to carry around a dead body and take the responsibility of two. So next week should be a lot more stressless haha! But it’s all cool! I am happy, I am healthy! Pepsi decided to start selling in Ghana again so now a bottle of Pepsi is 1 cedi as a bottle of coke is 2! So I am happy hahahahaha! But really, the Lord is so wonderful! This is His work! I am happy to be a part of it here in good old Ghana! I hope that you enjoy your little getaway in Vegas and you don’t come back to snow! I love you more than anything! I am so thankful I was able to be born to such a remarkable woman! You are the very best in the whole world! I love you sooo much! Take care!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

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