Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pictures From The Mission Blog!

Hey there good morning! Glad to hear that everything is going fine on that side, everything is going well here as well! Haha people like the chicken roast eh? Well, people can come to our house this Christmas and I’ll cook, but there will be a $35 entrance fee. Plus a tip! Ha but seriously, I am happy to hear that people liked the pics and everything! I liked the photo collages of Adam and Cody! Happy Bday to Cody! Hopefully you guys will go out and enjoy some good food and stuff! Yeah for my b-day you really need to go and try the fufu out! Where is that place? [there is a place in Sugar House called Edo that is West African cuisine] I will have to go try it out when I get back! Thanks for the compliments and everything, you are the best!

Yes the baptisms were awesome and things went well! It was Saturday and was supposed to start at 4. We got to the chapel at 3 and one of the candidates, Sister Christine was there! One problem...the chapel was locked and nobody with the keys would answer their phones! Then Bro. Filson showed up too! Well, finally somebody came with the keys and we got into the church and everything went well! Bro. Ewudzie performed the baptisms and it was great, all went well! What a special day that was for them and for me. I love those days so much! They are the days that make all the walking worth it! After the baptisms we had PEC with the bishopric and it went...well! They were a lot more open and chill so that made me happy. They actually worked with us to plan a few things, so hopefully it will continue. It was the Bishop's birthday as well so he brought drinks and cookies for everyone too! I felt like I was back in 1st grade on birthday day when you bring treats for everyone! But it was a good sign that they gave us treats so I am happy!!

This week we also had MLC on Wednesday and it was good, we had all the district leaders come as well so it was a bit different than usual! President did leadership training for us all so it was really informative and interesting! He said one thing I thought was really interesting, never to doubt the blessings promised to you in your patriarchal blessing. He talked about that for a bit and I loved it. I love reading my patriarchal blessing, it is such a wonderful thing for me to reflect and ponder on. He also talked about foreordination, he said that we have all been foreordained and the fact we were in that room proves it. We were foreordained to be leaders in this mission. He said, "Don’t worry; you will have a lot more leadership opportunities in the future. This is preparing you for more." It was interesting. Makes me think I am on the right track, doing what the Lord has expected me to do thus far. Keep being obedient and I will continue to do what the Lord expects of me. I always want to be where the Lord wants me to be!

Let's see, what else has been going on....hmmm well we have begun planning an activity as zone leaders for the ward mission leaders in the stake. They really are not well trained here, so we have begun putting together a training type fireside.  We had a short meeting on Tuesday for it and we will be having another one this week. Should be good! OH man I got the package you guys sent!!! Thank you so much, it was awesome! Man I have been enjoying the yard-o-beef haha! It is so good! Sams Club is amazing; I knew what I was praying for as a child hahaha! Who doesn’t like a yard of beef? [when he was little, in his prayers he would say thank you for Sams :-)

But yeah, it’s been a bit of a slow week honestly, but we had two awesome baptisms and we have some more potentials coming on the way. We have some promising people we are working with so we will keep doing what we are doing! I am happy and healthy and life is good! Just trying to do my best and work hard all the time! Thank you so very much for instilling in me a dedication to work hard. Thank you for everything you do! I am so very grateful to have the opportunities I do to serve the Lord here in Ghana. I know He lives. I know that this is His work. I can never deny that. I have seen in my life, and in the lives of many, the blessings that come from living the Gospel. It truly is the only path of lasting happiness. If we are faithful, the Lord will guide us through all things we face. It’s up to us! Love you, thank you for everything!!! You are the best!!!!!!!!!

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