Tuesday, January 13, 2015


A Picture Tells A Thousand Words!

Cape Coast Castle - Model

Cape Coast Castle

Such Sadness Here!!

Christmas Day Zone Activity
Chicken Round-up
And Roast

Christmas Day Zone Activity
I think this is Elder Hack's balcony!

District Meeting

Hola Muchacho! I am doing just dandy other than this Hamaton weather! All that sand is sailing down from the Sahara and it is so hazy and EVERYTHING is covered in dust. Even inside the apartment things are dusty! There is no escaping it! I have been coughing all week, I feel like I am living in a smokers lounge or something. But it should pass by soon hopefully.  It was not this bad last year at all. The transfers went well; it was really easy this time! I went to a different tro tro station than I did last time but this one was simpler. Everyone made it out safe and sound. I got to see Elder Assibey also because he was getting transferred so it was fun to talk to him for a bit. Elder Cardon got transferred out of Cape Coast after just one transfer, so now he is in the Western Region. Probably won’t see him again until he goes home, possibly until we are both home! That is weird! Sadly no pizza was had this week, but we did go and get Hawaiian style chicken/fries. It was good, really greasy though. Woke up at like 4 in the morning feeling sick. Luckily I coasted it out hahaha. It was worth it though. This Sunday went a bit better, but yeah it still wasn't good by any means haha! So I guess we will see what happens...But you just gotta roll with the punches, it’s all for experience and gain! Man I give so much respect to all the bishops back home!  I like Austin’s idea about the post-mission MTC. It’s a great idea. Let me put my stamp on it then we will mail it to Church HQ. [A return missionary in our ward spoke and said he wanted to send an idea to Pres. Monson, he said that there is an MTC to get you ready to go on a mission and there should be an MTC to get you ready to go home!  He said they can teach you how to leave home ALONE and without shaking everyone’s hand and teach you how to talk to girls again haha!] I can’t wait to go home and shake hands with literally everyone. That is such a big piece of culture here, shaking hands with people and snapping fingers as you shake hands. It’s not weird to shake hands with people multiple times during a 2 minute conversation haha. Glad to hear I was well represented on the mission blog! Yeah the interviews were nice. Got to do an awkward role play with the assistants as part of their instruction, got to do jumping jacks in front of everyone during Sis.Stevenson’s instruction. So yeah, it was pretty weird hahaha! We  had good rice and chicken though, so no complaints! This week though we are having two baptisms, for Brother Filson, Bro. Ewudzies old friend, and an old Fante woman named Christine. They will both be baptized on Saturday so it will be a sweet day! They are both ready and have seen the blessings coming into their lives from the Gospel so it is awesome to see them finally ready for this day.

We have had a good day today, we had a zone activity where we all went and did a tour at the Cape Coast Castle. We even got in free because missionaries have done service there on a  couple of occasions. It was
so interesting and sad to see. Those people were treated just horribly. We saw the dungeons where they kept thousands of people just laying on top of each other. They did an excavation in the 1980's where they discovered the "floor" in the dungeon wasn't the real floor. About a foot under was the real floor, what they thought was the floor was ultra-compacted human waste. So that just gives you an idea of what they went through. I also went and checked on the nativity sets, the guy is trying to rip me off, says that 1 set is 250 cedis. So yeah, I’m gonna just go in there next week with 100 cedis and get two. Just watch, when he sees the money he will go for it. I aint your regular tourist there big guy, I have been here for a little bit!

Well, that is life in Cape Coast, things are going pretty well! I am so thankful for the work the Lord has blessed us with here. The trials come, the blessings come. Everything worketh together for our good! How wonderful this Gospel is! It never ceases to amaze me the love that the Lord has for all of us! He is always mindful of us! He is always strengthening us! I am so thankful for all He so freely gives! I love you sooo much! You are the BEST in the world! I hope that it is a good week for you there! Keep up the good work! LOVE YOU!!!

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