Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hi!!!! Morning from a small internet cafe in Assin Foso,I hope everyone is doing great! I am doing good here, we had a zone activity just now where we watched Ephraim’s Rescue in the stake center. It was sweet; it’s been a while since I have seen it! It’s such a great movie with so many great messages in it! It makes me really want to just always do my very best wherever I am and whatever I am doing!  A great way to start the week I would say!  It should be a good week I hope.  Tomorrow I am instructing for our district meeting which would be normally noteworthy, but President Stevenson  is coming to our meeting so that is extra noteworthy I suppose haha.  That’s gonna be fun, instructing in front of the mission president.  I have a good instruction planned on the Book of Mormon though. It’s about how important it is in the gathering of Israel and why it is so important to use it as missionaries.  So it should go pretty well is my prayer!  I need to make some photocopies of a handout I am giving to everyone so that is on the to-do list.

The week’s been good though, very VERY rainy all week. It’s funny, you would think Ghanaians would be used to all the rain and not mind, but that is not the case. The whole nation shuts down in a drizzle haha. But it’s been good. We are preparing our people for baptism, it should be on the 16th which is also the Africa Service project day so I don't know what we will be doing that day, should be fun though. The All African Service day is a thing the church does. It’s for Mormon Helping Hands so all the members and missionaries do local service under the stake I think.  I missed it last year just barely so we will see what we do! We have been working effectively and have found some new people to teach this week as well so that is exciting. There is an older man named Asiedu that we started teaching. He is an elder in his church, but is having problems with it. We taught him the Restoration on Friday and it was a wonderful lesson, the Spirit was strong and I know he felt it, so that made me happy :) I love feeling the Spirit like that, it is just awesome! Oh and I had a warm up for my instruction yesterday when I taught the youth class in the ward. It was on how we can always remember the Savior. It went well! The Spirit was there as well so again I was happy!

Here is an interesting thing that happened on Saturday. Every night there are drums playing because there is a shrine near our house where people worship this idol. We never knew where it was, but we can always hear them. Well we were walking around on Saturday proselyting near our apartment when we stumbled upon it. Against this wall was a stone idol, it looked like that slug guy from Star Wars. I don’t know if you know what I’m talking about but you should because I have never seen Star Wars but I still can picture the thing. Anyway that was sitting with a red sheet behind it and there was an altar near it for sacrifices and so yeah, it was really interesting to see. I wanted to take a pic, but I didn't think that would be a good idea since there was a woman sitting by it. Yeah E. Assibey said they use the idols for juju to ask the "god" for things. They kill a goat and sprinkle the blood on the idol. There is a lot of juju stuff here, really interesting. They don’t  go to farm on Fridays because the god of Akonfudi said not to and if you do you will be cursed. So it’s interesting to see how the society is shaped by juju. A famous singer drowned in Lake Volta a few weeks ago and I guess a juju woman reported that he was really stolen by mermaids so people should not worry.

I am glad you guys are having fun in Texas, sounds like a good time! Man it sounds like I need to go look at the pics you sent haha!  I am thankful for the package you sent! Thank you so much, I will be sure to continue taking good pics and finding fabric. I have not bought any but that’s a good idea to get scraps. The bishop’s wife is a seamstress so I will ask her!!! But the internet is terrible and the keyboard is broken, so this is the end haha! I LOVE YOU thanks for being the best!!! I’ll talk to you next week!!!

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