Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hello USA!!!! I am glad to hear you guys are doing good and are finally back in the home front haha!!! I enjoyed your bat story, in Axim there were ALWAYS bats, but they really don’t belong in our attic, so that’s good they were eliminated. Oh I ate grasscutter last transfer, it was really good! Tasted like roast beef really, so maybe rats and bats are the same? Go ahead and give it a try! I hope you enjoy the pictures, I am getting some out today!!!!YESSSS!!!!!!  Glad everyone is doing good though, I hope Adam has some fun at scout camp with Kartchner, it’s hard to have a bad time with that guy there haha!!!

Instructing went well, President ended up not coming but I was really not too upset about that haha.  But it went well, everyone said I did a great job so that’s always a good sign eh? I instructed on why we need the Book of Mormon, specifically why it is so important to the Lord for the gathering of Israel. I had handouts and everything! But we read a lot of scriptures in the Book of Mormon about why it is so important to the Lord. Go read 3 Nephi 20-21, they really explain really well why we need it for the work to move forward. I talked about the Abrahamic Covenant and why it is so crucial for us as missionaries to understand it. Go read about it in Abraham 2! Long story short, without the Book of Mormon there would be no gathering of Israel. I had been studying that for a while in personal study and it is so interesting to see that today the Lord is gathering in His people from all over! Think, 2,000 years ago the only place the truth was was in Jerusalem and among the Nephites.  Apostasy was so easy because if those societies decided to go  wayward the truth was gone. Think about today, the truth is EVERYWHERE. There will never be another general apostasy, the Lord has promised that. Think about how crazy that must have sounded during Joseph Smith's time. Look at today though, the evidence this work is true is all around us! But yeah, the instruction went smooth, so that was a good experience! 

We have had a good week, a bit slow but not too bad really. We went to farm, something we have not done in a LONG time. We went with the Bishop on Thursday with his family. Man the second the alarm went off that morning they were at our door telling us it was time to go. We literally got out of bed, put clothes on, and left hahaha. We went and weeded their cocoa farm. Imagine mowing the lawn with tweezers, that’s basically what the experience of weeding at farm is. Man I was EXHAUSTED. We got home in the evening and just fell asleep haha. I am still sore. My thighs are killing me hahaha!!!  It was fun though, they fed us banku and really good stew in the farm, we ate it on a log. It was awesome, when we got there first thing, the bishop just cut down a papaya tree and made benches for us. I was so confused I was like, "Why are you cutting down this papaya tree just to make us a bench?!?! You can get fruit from it!" But yeah, he chopped it down in 0.23 seconds with his machete hahaha. Also, Elder Assibey killed a baby black snake too, I have no idea how he saw it but I’m glad he did. That’s the 2nd snake he has killed with me and the 5th on his mission haha. Oh and the road to farm was awesome, just walking for an hour into the jungle. Part of the trail was flooded with water that looked like it came out of a tipped over port-a-potty so we forded the river. I was pretty sure I was gonna get tetanus or something from it, but so far so good! Man we went and taught Brother A this week and he was awesome as usual. We were talking about why it’s so important to share the gospel with those we love and he told us it’s "every man for himself." I was dying haha. We tried to explain it again and he said, "look. I’m old. I walk with a cane. It's every man for himself." He told us the same thing a month ago when we were teaching him about  baptisms for the dead hahaha. I guess he won’t be giving us any referrals. Brother Kofi Elijah is doing awesome though! He got a calling as family history consultant for the group in Bereku. They have no leader, but they done got themselves a family history consultant haha! But seriously, he is dedicated!!! He has been helping EVERYONE do their family history. Every evening he goes and helps people! It makes me so happy to see him engaged in his calling and really magnifying it. It really is inspiring to me, it might seem small, but nobody does their callings. To see him so dutifully and willfully doing it makes me so happy! He is helping sooo many people on both sides of the veil. As for the ebola, yeah we got alerted about that. We will be having 1 senior couple, 1 sister, and 17 elders coming to join us. But as I am typing this we got a text saying the countries have halted the airways so we are not sure when they will be able to come. We will pray for them. Please pray for them as well! I can’t imagine how hard that is for everyone! Oh and when does Lee Connors go home, do you know? I thought he was already home! Hopefully he is ok along with everyone else. I know for a fact that the Lord protects His servants though, so they will be ok.

I am doing great though, we are working hard and having fun, it’s crazy that this week will be my 1 year mark, my oh my how the time flies by. I have had so many amazing experiences the last year. I have grown in a lot of ways. My testimony is so much deeper and vivid than it was when I came out. I can say that I truly know with all of my heart and soul that this is God's church. I know that. The Spirit has confirmed it in such a way that I can never deny or change from that course. I love this Gospel, it brings joy and peace. I am so happy! I am so thankful you are my mom! I miss you so much, thank you for all you do for me each and every day!!! You are the best!!!! *Insert a Seinfeld quote here*

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