Monday, July 21, 2014

Good morning, good morning! What did the cruise ship captain say each morning? Whatever it was, insert it here! Glad you checked the weather, that is exactly how it is, overcast and drizzling! I am glad you guys are doing well though, congrats on that haha! Wow people in the ward are coming home from their missions and people are going, CRAZY!!! Glad that Blake is doing well though, along with all the rest! Bear sent me the email he sent his family, sounds like he is doing really well and really enjoying the MTC. The Ghana MTC was a bit different hahaha! Good times, good times...Man it’s crazy, people keep emailing me saying I have been out a year. That’s not true, it’s only July 21, I still have a few weeks there people! Haha but it’s insane how quick time flies by! 

Well on to the big news, transfer news. Drum roll please....I’m staying! Nothing is changing; me and Elder Assibey are staying in Akonfudi. I’m spending 6 months in Akonfudi at the very least!  Wow, 1/4 of my mission in Axim, 1/4 in Akonfudi. But honestly, things really are going well in our area, it has always been a slow area, sometimes we have to really work to find people to teach, but we are really working hard! Being in the bush where English is not common has been quite an experience for me, sometimes it can be a bit difficult, but honestly, I was happy to hear I will be spending another transfer here. I have learned so much personally here and have really given a lot of effort to get the area going. I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for putting me here. He knows me, that I am sure of. He has taught me a great deal here and has really refined me in a lot of ways! I know I can do all things through Christ, for He strengthens me! I have really enjoyed this place even with its problems. I can say that the things I have personally learned here will never leave me. I have had deep conversion here, not by any big giant miracles or profound spiritual experiences, but simply by doing what I should be doing and studying the words of ancient and living prophets. By prayer and pondering. I am so thankful I have this wonderful Gospel in my life. I am so blessed to get to share it with those around me!

We had the baptisms and they went well! Right before there was a primary activity so we had lots of fun with them playing games and they danced and stuff, so I got some nice pics and videos, they are funny haha! Right after we had the baptisms so we had lots of people to witness! I was so happy! Bro Kofi wasn’t able to baptize them, so Rich Boy did it(the ward mission leader, that’s his name). The next day in Bereku they neglected to confirm them....We were in Akonfudi and we couldn’t do much about that, so next week we will be sure to go and make sure they do it. That's cool you are reading that book! (My Name Used To Be Muhammad)  It reminds me of the twin brothers in Axim we baptized, the Moro Bro's. They were Muslims before. Oh and yeah the cola nut. They are here as well. E Assibey was explaining that they are just nuts loaded with caffeine as the name suggests. They are highly addictive so therefore against the Word of Wisdom. We taught a woman and she was addicted to them. We told her and she threw them in the bushes! So yeah, that’s a real thing.

What else...I forgot my planner again... I don’t know why I keep doing that haha! Thank you for getting those shoes, they are needed! And the music!!!!! Man I am craving my Motab and Paul Cardall!!! I love that music so much and have really missed having it!!! If you wanted to throw more BACON jerky in there I would be just thrilled!  I went on splits this week with Elder Brown from New Orleans. He is sweet!  We had a great time. He loves movies and so we had fun talking about movies and stuff. Taught some nice people as well so it was sweet! It was nice, I went to Foso so I got out of the bush for a day!!! Haha but yeah, good times. We have been teaching Kogo still. He hasn't come to church, but man it’s great to  teach him. He READS the Book of Mormon and MARKS it!!! Wow!!! He always asks really great questions and understands when we explain, so I just love when we go see him!!! We have been really working hard! Oh fun fact... I have like a wart thing on my thumb, on my actual like touching part of my thumb. Wow my English is getting terrible haha. But yeah the bottom part of my thumb where you touch things with there is a bump. I have had it for like 7 months now, hasn't really bothered me or anything, it’s just kind of sitting there. I hope you guys have fun in Texas though, send me some pics. Dad says you’re going to six flags. I think there they have one of the tallest roller coasters in the world, so go on it in honor of me and try not to die! Love you guys have fun!!! 

PS - On August 9th, please listen to Livin' On A Prayer for me! (Woah we're half way theeere, WOOOOOAAAAH livin on a prayer!!!)

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