Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hello!  Oh my goodness, I just typed out an entire long email and it deleted it. Wow it didn't even draft it. I am sooo sorry. Wow, my time is almost up too, like 15 more mins. I can’t retype it all. But I am good, I am staying for at least 6 more weeks, Elder Quaisie is going to AXIM!! I will be with Elder Omah from Uganda who is very powerful I hear. He came LAST August, so he is a year ahead of me. He apparently turned down being the Assistant so I am hoping we will have a great time together and I will learn a lot. I hope and pray to learn a lot from him and become better. I will tell you, it is scary being here and not having a translator, the mission pres. called Elder Quaisie yesterday and asked him if he needed to close the area because there isn’t going to be any native elder there to speak the language. That kind of put a damper on my mood, wondering if I was doing the job the Lord expected of me here. But honestly I guess there is nothing I can do to fix that, it’s all in the Lords hands. These are the moments on a mission where you just have to have faith and put your trust in the Lord. I am excited to see what happens in the next 6 weeks, excited to see where I can grow and improve! Everything happens for a reason, that I know. The Lord is teaching me something, I always can see that when I look back on past trials. I know that this little speed bump will lead me to something good! The Lord is guiding us after all.

That subject for your lesson sounds AWESOME!!! President Monson has so many stories about following the Spirit, so you should have a great lesson! It is true how much prayer helps! The Lord really DOES hear our prayers! That is something I have come to really know! It’s amazing!!! 

The problem with the washing machine is internal I think because it just leaks out of the hose itself, so I talked to the salespeople last week and they said they would come and look at it, but I gotta cart them out to the apt if they do haha. So we will figure it out at some point! Good luck on your lesson this week! Let me know how it goes! Just follow the Spirit!!!

I got the packages, well tomorrow I will. Thank you soo Much!!! I will talk to you on the phone in two weeks though, it will be awesome!!! LOVE YOU!!!

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