Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Sounds like all is going well, that is good! Things here are going well also.  I am sad I didn't get to watch conference!!! Man how I wish I got to watch it!!! That is awesome about Adams team winning, tell them congrats!!! Haha I know you love details, but sometimes everything gets so normal that it is hard to recall details. I forgot to mention that Elder Cowan is in my district, so that is cool. Thanks for sending the conference quotes, I will look forward to reading or listening or watching conference!!!! Akonfudi is good though, we are just doing the same old same old, it’s a lot slower than Axim that is for sure. Really, some days I don’t get to teach all that much because of the language barrier but that’s just the name of the game eh? I don’t know how much Twi I will learn, it’s not an easy process haha. But I guess you never know! Really not all that much to report this week though.

If you want a cool story, well I will give you a nice one that happened the other day. We were walking around Bereku, getting ready to go home after a long day, but we felt we needed to go walk around and talk to some people. So we walked around, talked to some people, and after some time we found some guys playing ping pong outside. We started talking to them and after a bit he told us he was looking for the "truth." That’s not something people usually say here EVER! He said he knew Christ started a church so he was looking for it.  So we gladly took his name and number and now we are teaching him!  He brings a friend with him when we teach him and they both want to find the "truth!" So that is sweet! Gotta love it, the Lord places people in our paths, we just gotta be looking for them!  Here’s a funny one… So each week the Stake sends someone to preside in the group and this week they sent the alcoholic high priest group leader who lives in Akonfudi. He is always drunk... But he came 1/2 hour late and presided. So that was interesting haha. Each week I teach the youth class. I took a pic with them one time, so someday when I get to a decent computer you will get to see it.

Really it’s just been a regular week of mission work though, we helped people pump water out of a borehole, saw some bats hanging on a palm tree, made japatis, which are basically East African burritos. So now I know how to make tortillas haha! Elder Quaisie showed me. I have taken some nice pictures, but yeah I honestly don’t think I will get to send pictures for a LONG time. We are in Foso and it is SLOW compared to Takoradi. We don’t really ever go into Cape Coast or anything, so yeah enjoy the pics I have already sent haha! We are just hanging out in the jungle here sharing the Gospel, it is sweet! There is just the problem of trying to find people to teach, but we are working on it. I am healthy and happy though, so that is always a plus! But I hope everyone is doing good! I love you all sooo much!  Have a great week  LOVE YOU!!!

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