Monday, May 5, 2014

Hi from Foso!!!!

So it just happened again haha! I typed up a good two paragraphs and it crashed!!!! But I am here and intend to email haha!!!!! The power was off for a bit but it came back!!! YEAH!!! I am doing pretty good, just getting adjusted to everything here in Akonfudi and trying to learn as much as possible from Elder Ouma. It’s been a crazy but sweet week! Elder Ouma is sweet!! He is such a good example to me and I am learning so much from him! He is quiet like me, so it can be a quiet companionship at times, but it is good! He really is awesome though, makes me feel like such a young missionary haha. But it is sweet, work is getting done in Akonfudi now! We are planning on 4 baptisms on the 24th, so that’ll be sweet!!! Elder Ouma really is helping me out a lot with his example and everything, I am learning a ton even though sometimes I feel bad like I am holding him back. But he speaks very good English as every Ugandan I have met does. They speak Swahili in Uganda! No clicking language here in Ghana, mostly in Southern Africa! He has been out a LONG time so yeah, he can luckily speak a bit of Twi and Fante, but not like Elder Quaisie! He converted 4 years ago, his father was a Muslim and his mom didn’t go, so that is powerful eh? I will have to talk to him more about it!!  His dad died a bit ago, but he was able to do baptisms for him. He is hoping to convert his mom when he goes home in Aug. Yeah the area has lots of potential! It’s so good to have him here since he knows how to do everything so well! But it’s been a good week of finding and teaching and helping the ward. You truly learn so much from teaching, it is amazing!!! They are gonna start getting us referrals and such so that will be sweet!! The work is moving forward, even though it isn’t easy at times, it is moving forward. The past transfer was hard on me to see such little progress and to contribute virtually nothing, that it is refreshing to be working again!!! We have a lot more lessons with members translating which is good, along with some English speakers, so that is also good. It’s not easy, but it is all coming together nicely, I am hoping this week will be even better than last!!! Church was great, we had 12 investigators come!!!! So that was really exciting. Our last baptism Grace brought a friend to church. We challenged her to do it Friday and she really did it!! So that was cool! Elder Ouma was so shocked to see the school where we worship haha. Honestly it is a barn. But yeah we taught the youth class a nice lesson, and we had a good PEC meeting after church!!! They all agreed to give us referrals and work with us on reactivating less actives so it was sweet.

So for a fun fact last week I weighed myself at a member’s house. I weighed around 150 lbs when I came out and now I weigh....132 lbs!!! Wow 20 lbs have vanished. Ghana is a great weight loss plan haha! But I am eating a TON of food, I don’t know where it goes haha. We are eating lots of fufu and noodles with stew and stuff, but yeah walking a lot. I probably have worms and combined with the walking it takes the weight out of you hahaha. This past week they started re-flooring our apartment, so it has been a strange situation. Before it was like vinyl lining like the pool, but they tiled it. We had to move everything into our tiny kitchen while they did it. We even were sleeping in the Bishops office at the church!!! Kinda crazy eh? But there was AC in that room so it was awesome at the same time! I felt bad for Elder Ouma coming to the apt like that, but now it has nice shiny tiles down so that is sweet! It looks really nice!!! ! It’s hard being in a 2 man apt sometimes, especially with people who don’t know Seinfeld or anything! I miss joking with you guys!

So for mother’s day, what time would be good?!?!! I think I will call around 3 here, so that is 9 home? But if we can figure out a better time that’s no problem! Just let me know! I will try to have a pre-call again, but no promises! Judging from the fact I have not been able to even send a pic home, I will say no…. Skype is not an option hahaha!!! Sorry!!! I am soooo excited to get to talk to you guys though! It feels like yesterday it was Christmas!!! It will be awesome!

Oh and I have elder Dogget here as the new zone leader, elder Cowan is here in my district and now yep elder Larsen is here! As a matter of fact they are all in the internet cafe right now! They are sweet guys, I am happy to have them here! It’s so nice to get a taste of America, I really can’t explain how nice it is. Today we went to Cape Coast in the morning, Elder Ouma needed to do one or two things. But we went into Cape Coast Castle and it was awesome! We got in for free too, and we didn't stay all that long, but it was very interesting. So sad to think about what happened to all those people!! I am trying to take pics, but my camera dies sooo quick!!! I was only able to take a few pics at the castle cuz it died, I was bummed… I just need a new camera battery. I thought I told you, but it was in the lost email I suppose hahah. It’s a Samsung BP70A battery, so that would be super when you send another package!!

But the work goes on. I am excited to have these baptisms coming up, I love studying in the mornings, I learn soooo much. And I am excited to continue learning from a seasoned vet like Elder Ouma. That is AWESOME Brady lives by Elder Holland!! Tell him to tell Elder Holland I say hi haha!!! I will get the packages tomorrow, so I am excited to see what lays inside!!!! I love you soooooooo much!!! Honestly I miss you guys a ton, but I know this is where I am supposed to be, the Lord has called me here and He teaches me soooo much each day!!! I will TALK to you on Sunday!!!!!!

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