Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Good Afternoon!

Well it sounds like things have been pretty crazy on the home front the past week haha! That is awesome that you two get to teach the 12 y class! That will be awesome! Those are some dang lucky 12 year old kids haha! Good fun teachers make such a big difference so they are lucky! I know you will enjoy it! That is gonna be a great blessing for everyone I am sure! Hopefully everyone is happy and ready to work together! It’s all about unity as I have learned here in the good old branches and wards and groups of Ghana!

I’m doing great! I am really liking Akonfudi and Elder Quaisie is awesome, we are getting along great! So that is always a plus right? Yeah the communication with everyone is a little...difficult haha, but I am happy nonetheless. This week has been great! I am happy happy here in Akonfudi. It’s tiny, its bush, I get called Obrunni (means white man) far too much, but I am very happy here! Why? I suppose because we are doing the Lords work! I feel that I am really learning a lot personally here, which is great. The English in Akonfudi is virtually nonexistent, so Elder Quaisie has to do most of the teaching, but I cherish the times I get to teach. I have really been enjoying listening to talks on the iPod and reading through old Liahonna articles during personal study, you learn so much from Apostles and Prophets of the Lord! One thing that I have been pondering a lot this week is how incredibly important it is that we have a true testimony of the Gospel, rooted deeply deeply within us. I read something, I can’t remember who said it, but he was talking about how lately the Saints have had it pretty easy, but it’s not going to always be like that. In another article by Elder Christofferson, he said that for us in the coming generation, and really in the years to come, we are not going to be without money or materials. He said that we would not go without those things, but the problem for us is going to be if we love God more than those things. That got me thinking about how the world is going. Back home, things are pretty bad. I can only imagine how bad they will get. I am sure the day is going to come where the church and its members are openly persecuted and it’s going to be very tempting to some to deny their faith when asked if they are a member. We need to find out if the church is true. We NEED to be true to the faith we have, and we NEED to deepen that faith until it is unshakable and immovable!

But yeah, I don’t know how often you are gonna be getting pictures sent. The internet here is not like Takoradi AT ALL!!! We were in a 1st world Vodafone internet cafe, now here we are in a Ghanaian library. The computer is not all that old, but man the internet is not all that capable haha! It’s like it was in that internet cafe in Essiama. Next week we are going to Cape Coast for P day so we will see, but IDK... Welcome to Ghana haha. But it rains like every day here. It’s kinda cool really. Yesterday it rained HARD!!!! Man our bathroom just has a tin roof and I had to go to the bathroom and it sounded like the roof was just gonna give in and collapse on me! I was deaf when I came out haha! You will have to tell me the verdict on the Super Smash Bros Burger hah! Mail me one if you can!!!! But seriously, do you think some of your homemade cookies would make it in a package? That would be sweet haha!

We had our baptism for Grace on Saturday and it went well. It took forever for people to come, but the baptism happened and all was well! She was confirmed on Sunday in the Group in Bereku and Elder Quaisie and another man did it. There were two little boys sitting next to me, probably like 4 years old. During the confirmation though they were fighting over who got to touch my white arm, and in the process one bit the other, causing him to cry, which caused him to punch the other, causing him to cry. So I had two screaming kids next to me during the confirmation that I was trying to calm, all the while the mother was just staring at them as I tried to calm them down. Haha good parenting skills eh? But finally she grabbed one and held him as the other one drooled on my pant leg crying. 

That is sad you got released from YW, but I know that you were called to the 12 y class for a reason, as was dad. Look for that reason and serve hard!! It’s gonna bless lives, those kids are the future of the great nation haha! But really. Love you soo much though! You guys are awesome!!! Its crazy next month I get to call home! Wow, time really flies by!  This place is awesome and we are doing good. I am so glad to be here. I have learned so much, even though at times it’s not easy. Its soooo worth it to draw closer to Christ. Go read Ether 12:27, that’s a perfect scripture! I know this is the Lords church, there is no doubt in my heart or soul. This is His work! It moves forward because He wills it to! I am so blessed to be here! All of us have been called to serve Him, we are all so lucky!!! He calls all. I hope you have a good week!!! Love you sooo much!!!! Talk to you next week!

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