Monday, March 3, 2014


We are in Essiama at the little internet café right now! Nope no pictures today. This cafe is way too slow for that sadly...Things have been pretty good here! But the president didn’t come to church this week and we didn't see him at all this week, so that’s just great... But yeah yesterday nobody really came to church either. We only had 1 investigator come to church so we didn't do investigators class, we just joined with Sunday School, bummer!

Axim is going pretty good here, we will have a baptism this Sunday hopefully! His name is Ezekiel and we have been teaching him since October! He kept going to Accra or Takoradi for months at a time so it was hard to teach him, but he is here now! He is about 20 and is sweet! He was the only one to come to church, our friend E. who I wrote about last week didn't come for some reason, so that was a bummer. He was telling us the other day how back in Ivory Coast he was a fisherman, but he also used his boat to smuggle cocaine haha. One day some Jehovah's Witness' gave him a Bible and he read it, felt like he had to change, and came to Ghana. So yeah, the Lord works in mysterious ways. Nothing too exciting is happening here, just working hard! It’s been pretty rainy here too! Two days in a row it rained HARD for like an hour and a half. It started about the time we were supposed to go out, but we couldn't because it was raining so hard. Even today it is overcast, which is nice! Hopefully that means the heat is done!

We pulled a big bunch of bananas off of a fallen banana tree the other day, there has to be like 100 bananas on it. But when it fell they were not ripe yet so they won’t ever ripen. So we decided to take them onto the balcony with my cutlass and played real life fruit ninja. It was pretty dang fun. We did it while it was raining haha.

When are you guys going to St. George? You'll have to let me know. Next week Elder Vinson of the Seventy is coming to the mission to speak to us. So I think that will be on the 12th. But that should be sweet! He gave us a TON of things to read beforehand, so we got homework haha. Glad to know Gramps got the iPhone finally, I’m sure he will like that much better!

I love you guys! Thanks for all you do for me! Talk to you later!!!! 

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