Monday, February 24, 2014


I am doing just fantastic! Yes this has honestly been a terrific week! The Lord has helped and blessed us soooo much! The Pres is stepping up his game! He apparently HAS had a change of heart. Yesterday went great, he was happy and actually gave some members callings! Things are looking on the up!  Hopefully he will keep it up! He gave some members callings and organized a temple prep class and Seminary, so that’s good. We had 5 of our investigators come to church yesterday too so that was sweet! This guy named E came who we met because he started coming to church on his own. He doesn’t speak english or have a phone so we had a hard time finding where he lives, but this week we found it and wow the guy has been prepared by the Lord for sure. He is from Ivory Coast and was Muslim, but felt there was something wrong with the church so he started looking for a new church. He didn’t like how all the other churches play drums and stuff and so he saw the sign one day and decided to come and says he felt something different when he came!!!! So we sat down with him on Wednesday for the first time and gave him a baptismal date for March 16th! We have taught him about the Restoration and Book of Mormon and he understands it sooo well and asked such great questions it is amazing! Yesterday he brought his wife and kids to church so that was awesome!!! I am excited to keep teaching him! Another guy named R came and he is similar, came to the church on his own a few weeks ago. He is a teacher in the next town called Nsein and we went and visited him once for just a few minutes and he asked such great questions and understood so well. We are really gonna try to go see him more this week! I am excited to see what the next few weeks bring though! Things are really going really well. I have been feeling so grateful to the Lord for all the blessings He has given me! He helps me so much! I am so happy He called me here! This is an amazing place even though it is pretty weird at times!!! I wish you could come and see it, but idk if you could survive here ;) But seriously, there is no Diet Coke.
That’s cool I have made it onto the mission blog two weeks in a row, I would go look but we are not supposed to go onto it... Yeah I am glad you liked the pics last week! There were some gems in there haha! Me and Elder Larsen are doing good and the 4 man apartment is awesome! We have the best apartment in the mission I think!  We do play Jenga sometimes and I forgot about the bop it, but I played it once and it was fun haha! I am glad the Timbermine was sweet for my bday celebration, I had some top ramen for my bday dinner, just saying haha. That is really weird that 7th grade orientation for Adam is coming, wow. Yeah it does feel like mine was just the other day. Is he excited? Yeah wow that is pretty dang weird. Glad the Olympics were good, too bad we tanked in hockey though! Old Putin is probably not smiling, but I am sure he is pretty happy on the inside.

Hey just a quick thought. If you are ever sending a flat rate or a package, could you send one or two of those ward missionary flyer things? Those would be kinda cool to look at. And maybe some guitar tabs for church music or nice country music? I’m sure you could just google lds guitar tabs or something like that. But yeah that would be sweet! We are going into week 4 of our 6 week transfer, so the next one will be in a few weeks. I honestly think I could go, but then again with the clerk thing and whatnot maybe I will stay. Only time will tell I suppose! Thank you for everything you do for me! I love you soo much!  HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!

Huge Spider in the big garbage can.  About the size of my fist!

Takoradi Zone

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