Monday, March 10, 2014


Happy Monday! I am glad everything is going well back home, things are movin on along out here as well! This week has been ok, just a normal week, a little stressful but not too bad! Pres Nokoe was in church, so that was good! He told his counselors last week that he would miss, so they just didn’t tell anyone so it was no problem. He is changing, always happy so that is sweet and he is doing good things in the branch! We had a nice baptism on Sunday for Ezekiel and the other elders had one too, so it was great. Saturday we spent all day cleaning the font, church, and our apartment. We started filling the font around noon, by 2 it was not all that full so we left it on while we went and cleaned the apartment and we went back at 5 to turn the font off and it hadn’t filled past the 2nd step! So we had to do the baptisms sitting... It was still sweet though!!! Ezekiel had a problem in his interview on Thursday, so Friday me and Elder Moleme had to have a long lesson with him, but he was good to baptize! He is sweet and will be a great member of the branch! Hopefully a great leader!!! I got to baptize him, which was an honor. I feel so blessed to get to baptize these people because they are sooo awesome!!! Axim is sweet, sometimes the people can be a bit interesting, but I love them!!

So on the 6th was Independence Day for Ghana so we went to the festivities! Basically there was a parade, I’m sure you saw the pics I sent, but yeah it was at a soccer field and each school in Axim marched around. It was actually pretty cool and was the most professional thing I have seen in Ghana I think! So yeah that was sweet! After this member family, the Ackahs, fed us. It rained so HARD!!! It has the past few days actually. But yeah so we were in a room in their house and we saw a mouse. We tracked where it was going and so we waited for it to come out and I stomped the life out of it haha.
We had an ok week, I have been pretty stressed at myself because I feel like we could be doing more here, but I don’t know, sometimes I feel that I push too hard. Something in my patriarchal blessing that I have noticed is that it says I will find an energy in service, and that is very true. I feel like a sheep dog or something, if I’m not doing something I feel like crap. That must be how dad feels and why he is always doing yard work. Gotta be on your feet. I don’t like wasting any time!!!! I am not sure if that is good or bad. It was stressing me to the point that I was getting angry at my companion, and that’s not right. So yeah, just gotta relax my head a bit haha. But the transfer will be next week. The news will come on Saturday. I am kinda hoping to go. I am expecting to go, but you never know I suppose. This week is gonna go quick though. Today we are in Takoradi for our Sub p-day and then tomorrow we are coming back because Wednesday is the meeting with Elder Vinson so we are staying the night so we are not late.

I got the IDL this week, yesterday actually!!! Thank you!!! Luckily no Ghanaians are out joy ridin as the "Hack Master" as they call me!  Thanks for everything in the package, the pictures looked fun! The popcorn was good, and I love the oatmeal!! I feel lazy making food in the mornings so oatmeal is awesome hahaha. The Julanders got me some Nutella for my b-day, so that was sweet! I will enjoy that for sure! Thanks for sending the guitar tabs, but can you mail them to me? That would be best! Sorry I don’t think I can do the  drop box, we are only supposed to go onto mylds mail!!! Sorry!!! 

You asked about a cool experience: That picture with the old man that we take sacrament to. We do it each week and each time he bears such sweet testimony. Yesterday we did it and Sister Julander came with us while Elder Julander was doing an audit at the church and she was in tears as he talked about how special the sacrament is. You would have been too I’m sure! It was sweet!!

Thank you for all you do for me though!!! You really are the best! I am happy to have such a great family!!! You are all amazing! Have an AWESOME DAY!


This is where the guy who doesn't speak english lives. We teach him using a translator, which is actually something we have to do quite often. He is sweet, but hasn't come to church the past two weeks...

 This is our chapel! Little different than back home eh?

These 3 are all from the branch and have just finished their mission papers! Priscilla, James, and Juliet!

We had Ezekiels baptism! He chose me to baptize! It was sweet!

After the baptism!

This old man is powerful!  He is a member but can't come to church because he is OLD and weak. He looks like a Holocaust victim honestly. But each time we take the sacrament to him he bears powerful testimony. Its incredible! Papa Kanga is his name. 

This cute girl is 4 years old and speaks english!!! That is a feat for some grown Ghanaians! 

Same girl, she was holding my scriptures on her head

Just like that!

There was a dance party by the BIG tree, so 
I took a pic of it haha!!

We saw this on the roadside. I laughed. Post no bill means don't hang any flyers on the wall.

Same building, different wall, different consequences!

Vote for Jesus. We saw this on the way out of Axim this morning haha.

 I thought this was a great sign. After I took it the shop people told me I had to pay them for the picture. Yeah, that didn't happen haha.

This is for Brady, it was hanging in a barber shop window!

 They get judged and whichever school is the best wins. This school won. Can you guess why? Everyone loved the heck out of that little kid.

March 6th was Ghana's independence day, called March day. So all the school kids march. Here they are marching.

Drinking a water sachet while waiting for an investigator to come home. That man is Bro Armoo, the 1st counselor. He was helping us translate.

Eating sugar cane at a members house haha! Good stuff! Difficult to eat though cuz you have to tear away the outside with your teeth!

Like so

This is a nice picture!

We got fed this fried plantain and fish by that one lady. It was really good!

This is the fufu we ate yesterday! It was really good!


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