Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I am somewhere safe and sound today, we are in Takoradi. Didn't email yesterday because of the fact we were coming here for Zone meeting. It’s been a good week! Elder Vinson came and it was AWESOME! Wow that guy is great and he did a great job. He came and spoke about being a good missionary and it just really motivated me to go out and work hard and do a good job! Not to hold anything back! He spoke with love and the Spirit. He told us that he was a convert when he was older so he never got to serve a mission, but he really wishes he had that opportunity, especially in West Africa. He got emotional when he told us that. It made me think how lucky I am to get to be here and that I need to always do my best to be the type of missionary the Lord needs. But yeah so for that us and the neighboring zones all met in Sekondi at the nice chapel there and had lunch and stuff. I gave Pres my IDL, so it’s in his hands now haha! In Elder Vinson’s talk he told us the story of Joshua and Caleb in the Old Testament and how Joshua could have had a great fertile valley, but asked for the mountains. So he told us how if we ask for mountains in our lives we will be blessed. Well, I did that and the Lord gave me one haha. I got sick Thursday and Friday hahaha. It wasn’t bad in the morning Thursday, but by time for lunch, my stomach and head hurt really bad. So I just went to sleep all day and then Friday I slept til like 11, felt like a bum for not doing anything, got up and we went out and taught. But yeah, the Lord will give you mountains if you ask for them! They are a blessing and help you become better! Then Saturday we got transfer news and I am leaving Axim! I am going to Assin Fosu on the other side of the mission to a village called Akonfudi, which I hear is awesome!!! I will be with Elder Quasie from Ghana, so that should be sweet as well! Should learn a new language pretty quick with a Ghanaian companion haha! He came at the same time as Elder Cardon and E. Cardon always told me how awesome Elder Quasie was so I am excited to be with him there! Should be sweet! We are in Takoradi today for Zone meeting and then tomorrow I will leave! So we are sleeping here tonight. But yeah, it will be a fun day driving in a tro tomorrow haha! I am interested to see how Akonfudi is, hopefully it will be sweet! This week will be interesting for sure though, but I am excited to see what is ahead of me! It will be awesome!!! I know the Lord has called me there for a reason, can’t wait to see what it is! On Sunday it was sad saying goodbye to everyone in the branch! But I got some nice pics that I will send today! Packing isn’t too fun either, but oh well. Luckily I got most everything to fit!

I am glad you were able to have fun in St. George and that all went well! Tell Adam good job!!! The pics look awesome!!! No, it hasn’t been raining much here at all, but I think next month the rain will start! On rainy days usually we just tough it out and go, the rain usually isn’t too hard, but if it is raining hard it only lasts for a few minutes so it’s not too big of a deal! That is too bad the ward will be splitting, but we all knew this day would come eh? That will be interesting to see what happens! Good luck! Hopefully all the cool people stay in our ward haha! Those quotes are awesome though! So true! Thank you for sending them! I will send a bunch of pics today, IDK how the internet is gonna be in Fosu, so this might be the last time for a while hahaha! I love you though, you are the BEST mom and dad in the world! Thank you for all that you do for me each day!!!!!LOVE YOU!

Some of the Branch members after church on Sunday! They all wanted pics with us so that was nice! 
Elder Cavaness is leaving too.  

Me and Ezekiel. We gave him the Holy Ghost on Sunday 
so it was a special day!

The woman grabbing my hand is Felecia, the woman 
who would feed us fufu each sunday!

Some of the young women in the branch

Angelina, she was baptized about a year ago and has been less active, but we have been trying to bring her back. Her uncle is the old man we are taking the sacrament to.

Me, Tony and Paul. Odd, the first week I was here was 
Tony's baptism! Man time goes really fast!!!

This woman and her family are awesome! They are dedicated unlike some of the other members! Every baptism they are there, Every week they are there. They love the gospel. She has a speech problem and talks like she is deaf, but she is awesome. Her name is Hannah. (Look at those cute little feet sticking out)

The rest of Hannah's family. Her husband is named Andrew. He is the clerk who I have been helping on the computer. He is awesome. Their kids are awesome too! Great family!

Me and Elder Cavaness with Pres. Nokoe. He is getting better! I hope it will continue!

Yeah Elder Cavaness is leaving Axim too. He is going back to being a Zone Leader in Takoradi. But this is us with Bro Armoo. He has been a big help in finding people to teach and helping us translate. 

This is our zone this morning! Great guys right there who I will miss, but will see again! Its been fun!

The chapel in Sekondi! Pretty fancy!

Here is me and Elder Larsen this morning! 

 Sweet guys!


This was on a tree we passed one day

This girl's name is Janet. She is the Branch mission leaders daughter.  But yeah she is playing in a "sandbox" that's really on the front porch.

Our zone leader, Elder Longjohn from Nigeria, had this 
on his desk  hahaa!

Yesterday this bird flew into the room where our clothes dry. Elder Larsen and Moleme were trying to catch it and it was the funniest thing ever. E. Larsen was using an extra mattress to try and protect himself and the bird flew behind it with him and kept running into him and he was freaking out. Me and Elder Cavaness were watching through the screen window just dying laughing. Elder Moleme used an old shirt to catch it though then we set it free off the balcony. It was pretty awesome hahaha.


Our zone all crammed in a van coming back from the meeting with Elder Vinson

Some more March Day

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