Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What’s up U.S.? Well let me just get the transfer news out of the way first thing. I am leaving the 54 step perch! I am being transferred to a city called Swedru (sway-droo). It’s towards Accra more, never been there before except passing through when coming from the MTC. It’s a great area from what I have heard, lots of work happening! Oh and the apartment has a generator and water apparently never goes off sooo YES! But I am really quite sad to be leaving Cape Coast. I have not been this sad to leave an area before. I really have loved Cape Coast. I have met some awesome people and made many great friends here and it’s gonna be hard to say goodbye to them! Not really looking forward to that at all...But I have worked hard here and seen a lot of great changes come into people’s lives so for that I am happy and at peace to go! Kind of sad to leave E. Mckeon after just one transfer. We got along great and really had fun together so that’s too bad, but my new companion is E. Kaiser from the US. I don’t really know him, he was in Liberia until Ebola came. But he seems like a good guy. Today has been a day of washing and packing, after this I’m going to buy some things from the castle and whatnot so that can be taken care of for good haha! We have two FHE's for tonight, so it will be time to say goodbye to people...oh not fun! But I guess one day I will come back to Cape. For sure when I am going home and hopefully we can come back to Ghana next year right? But I am excited to see what the future holds in Swedru. Should be a great time with great blessings! And I will keep my eyes open for E. Johnson this week! Maybe he will get trained in Swedru, IDK!

Well this week has been pretty busy here! The elders in one area found out last week they were getting replaced by sisters so we spent all day Wednesday exploring their area so we could show the sisters around when they come. It rained all morning so when we went to their area it was all cool and muddy! Have not had to walk through mud since Akonfudi since everything is paved in Cape! But their area is more remote, it’s called Green Hill. It’s a cool place though; we hiked up like 4 muddy hillsides which is always a blast! It was cool to go there though because I saw a lot of their area I had not seen previously. The next day I went to do some baptismal interviews in another area I have not gotten to see called Nkanfoa. It’s a village and I really enjoyed going there and seeing it. I kind of miss being in villages, they just have character! Swedru is a city like Cape I guess so IDK if I will see village the rest of my mission. But Nkanfoa is where the mission home is. Kind of funny, half of Nkanfoa is like really nice big houses for rich people and the rest is just regular village. Odd contrast haha. Oh and yes we had our zone conference on Tuesday! It was great, President instructed on developing "attributes of astonishment" as he talked about how when you read about monumental successes in the scriptures like Enoch and Zion or Alma baptizing in the waters of Mormon, all the people shared common attributes such as faithful leaders, consecration, repentance, obedience and so forth.  We must develop those attributes as well so we can have similar results in our work! It was awesome! The AP's talked about the need to open our mouths when talking with everyone and how important it is to be bold. We instructed about teaching people well about things such as chastity and word of wisdom and finding out if they have had any problems like abortion or addiction early so it can be taken care of and addressed as soon as possible. It went well, I  really enjoyed the conference! I love being able to learn from them! We were involved in more marriage counseling a bit this week. This couple has been fighting a lot I guess. But we took Bishop over there and he set them straight in Fante for an hour as I daydreamed haha. But they seemed a lot better after. I might just become a marriage counselor when I go home haha...not really. OH and guess what I ate this week...some CAT! Oh it was soooo good! Some of the members made us delicious fufu and cat and OH MAN I enjoyed it a lot! Such a tender, juicy, flavorful meat! I highly recommend it! Go catch some poor cat and throw it on the fire! That was on Saturday; also we had a missionary fireside on Saturday at the chapel as well that we have been planning for a while. We did a tour of the chapel and took people to the baptism font, family history center and sacrament hall.  President Stevenson came and spoke which was nice! We had a few new people come and a whole lot of members haha. I kind of missed most of it because we went to do transfer news about halfway through, but it sounds like it went well. I will be sure to film some Ghana documentaries haha! That’s a good idea for sure. Oh and yeah those shirts should be fine, send em here! Medasi! I am happy to hear you are half way through the BoM, that is awesome! I am almost done with Alma now, just reading about lots of wars and so forth, but lots of great spiritual insights come from it nonetheless.

Well, this will be an eventful week I am sure! I am going onward to see what the future holds. I pray it will be fruitful and wonderful! Can’t wait, I will work hard and serve my best! I know this is God’s work! I am so privileged to get to serve in such an amazing and wonderful place with so many amazing people! I get to share the most important message ever! So great! I love you so much, you are the best! Have a great week!

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