Monday, April 13, 2015

Pictures - Always A Happy Surprise!

Hello and greetings from Winneba zone! Yep that’s the name of the zone FYI haha! We did not get the chance to watch Meet the Mormons yet, but this Friday we will! I am pretty excited about that! I am glad you enjoyed the pics! A lot of them are old pics, I have not yet been able to take too many pictures here sadly...I will work on that though haha! Glad you enjoyed the one with the African shirt! Man there is a shop called Woodin which is just super classy and there was one in Cape. Usually all their stuff is crazy expensive but they were doing a buy one get one free so I got two shirts for 80 cedis! So I have two! They are really comfortable though. But glad to hear about the week, sounds like good things are going on back home! Sorry you missed E. Lelea's homecoming, he was a zone leader close by so I got to know him. He is a good guy! But that is cool about the kid from Kaysville coming here! He will LOVE IT!!! Ghana is such a wonderful place! Oh and the district leaders are 3 here. There is E. Collins from Northern California, E. Richards from I think Arizona and E. Andrews and I can’t remember where he is from...but they are all good guys. I received the package with the kitkats in it! Thanks a million for that deliciousness! I can’t even remember what else was in there haha! But I will keep my eye out for the other! My shirts are getting worse and worse each day so it’s a good thing they are coming haha! Oh and the shoes! Some dress shoes are the ones in need at the moment. I am wearing the Rockports, they are nice! I will work on handing out the bracelets as well.

Well the week was good, kind of weird haha but not really. On Tuesday we had district meeting and it went very well, then we went and taught a nice lesson. After that we packed some things and headed for CAPE! Because the AP's invited us to spend the night with them since MLC was the next morning. Usually the ride to Cape is about 2 hours, but we were in the space shuttle [crazy tro tro] and got there in like less than an hour and a half. So we had some time to kill in Cape. We went and bought some nice things like pens and food from the European store Cape has. It was nice! Man I only had been gone for like a week, but oh how I missed Cape. It was nice to walk those streets. Haha I sound so nostalgic, but it was nice. It was hard not to go and visit people, but that would probably have not been the best idea. But yeah we and some of the other zone leaders from afar went to the AP's apartment. We decided to go get pizza and so we went into town to this place, sat down and looked at the menu then the lady told us they were out of cheese. She wasn't going to tell us, somebody asked a question and that just came up. So we left haha. Then we went to Hayfords and it took FOREVER so we ended up taking the pizzas back to their place and ate and played cards for a while. The next morning we got up, took a HOT SHOWER!!!! And went to MLC. It was a good meeting! We talked about how we can better teach investigators about tithing because that is something the wards are having a hard time with. We talked about that and working with recent converts and getting referrals. So it was a successful meeting! We got back on a tro and took the voyage back to Fort Knox. We were able to go and teach some good lessons though. We are preparing 5 people for baptism on the 25th so we have just been kind of working with them. It’s been good! We taught a man named K and he was unique because he is the only Ghanaian I have taught who does not believe in God. He is the twin brother of a member. He was really stubborn saying we can’t prove to him God exists and he wants a sign. He is like Korihor or something. Very interesting though. But we taught him faith is believing in things you cannot see, so we left it at that and hopefully this week we will be able to go see him again. But lots of people are doing great here; the members are great here and help us a lot. But Sunday was interesting. It rained HARD in the morning so we knew what that meant-nobody will come to church. Lo and behold when we got there it was just us and the 2nd counselor haha! After about 20 mins or so we had about 10 people so we started and by the end of church it doubled haha, but none of our investigators came! Oh well, gotta kind of smile about that one hahaha! But yeah, that’s been about it this week! Kind of slow, but it’s been fun. I am getting along great with E. Kaiser, he is a cool guy. We have fun together so that’s good. I am happy and healthy again! But glad everyone is doing good and all is well! You are the BEST!!!!!! I love you so much. Thank you for working so hard and doing all you can for me! You are a saint! Love you so much!

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