Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Me pa wo kyo, maayke Madame. Be biaa boko-" Please, good morning Madame. Everything is going great!" There is the translation for you haha! Take that Google! But that same greeting works for this week as well so there ya go! I am indeed doing great! Things here in Swedru are on fire! We had 5 baptisms on Saturday and it was great! We were able to help some families be united and so that was awesome! 3 of the 5 were referrals from members and two were part member families so it was great! We baptized a girl named Faustina Donkor, Selina Korankye, Mabel Korankye, George Williams, and George Williams. No seriously, they both have the same name. They are brothers, 4 months separate. They have the same father but different moms and they live with their grandma who is a member and their sister who is a member. We call them by their Fante names which are Kojo and Kweku, so that makes it a lot easier haha. Oh and FYI my Fante name is Kwame Mensah. Names in Fante are determined by your birth. Kwame is for those born on Saturday and Mensah means the 3rd born of boys. So there ya go! But yeah the baptism was awesome. They all were there on time and it was a great experience. The next day they were all at church early which is rather remarkable and they were confirmed! So what a successful week! We are hoping to have 4 baptisms at least in May, we have lots of promising people we need to work with, the only problem is we have been SO BUSY!!!!!! I swear we don’t ever have a regular day to proselyte. It would be so nice to just have a week of regular proselyting. But that’s ok; we are doing other things that are important also.

We had to go do baptismal interviews on Wednesday all over the zone. First we went to Winneba to do some and well, I made a 10 year old boy cry...yeah I interviewed him and he literally did not know anything at
all that the missionaries taught him. So as much as I wanted to say it’s ok and he will learn later, I just couldn’t pass him. I very tenderly told him that the missionaries were gonna come back and teach him some things and then in a few weeks he would get baptized, but after we closed he started crying a bit. So I felt like a bad man for that...Then we rode the 30 mins back to Swedru to get in a car to go 1 hr to Odoben to do an interview. I interviewed another 10 year old which made me nervous haha, but this girl actually knew everything dang well! So that was nice! When we finished it was dark and we were scared we wouldn’t be able to get a car back to Swedru but we were blessed to get the last chopper out of Nam. I went on exchanges this week to the town of Winneba. Fun fact for you, Winneba was originally called Windy Bay by the British but the Ghanaians back then couldn’t pronounce that so it just became Winneba. But it’s a nice place. I went with an elder named E. Obia who is actually from the same branch as E. Odongo oddly enough. But it was a rather interesting day haha. Firstly, I had to do another interview for ANOTHER kid and we went to his house and he was not there. Then we walked to his friend’s house and he was not there. So we walked back to his house and found him! But there was a pastor there who tried to argue with us for 20 minutes so we had to get away from him and then I was able to sit down and interview him. E. Obia assured me he spoke English. But I started the interview and quickly discovered he in fact did not haha....So then we had to walk BACK to his friend’s house where an RM also lives and have him translate. The boy did good though and passed the interview. As you can see, I walked the same path about 10 times that day hahaha. Also, we started teaching this really awesome lady from Nigeria this week. She came to Ghana to live with a friend, but when she got to Accra she lost all contact with the friend and had nowhere to go. She was found by one of the High Councilors who lives in our ward and he brought her to his house so now she is living with his family. She has a 3 year old boy and a 1 year old daughter. Her name is Grace and it would appear the Lord has brought her here to learn the Gospel. She has been prepared. We taught her L.1 about the Apostasy and Restoration yesterday and it went GREAT! She came to church yesterday too and really enjoyed it and she committed to be baptized. So that is exciting! Always so interesting to see how the Lord does His work! Happy to be here in Swedru! 
Yesterday Bishop Acheampong proselyted with us and we visited some less active members and he helped sort out some disagreements between some of the members. He is such an awesome guy though. He is finishing his PhD right now; he is a really smart guy! We had fun going with him because he is just a cool guy. He was comparing the village we were in to Price and Kumasi to Provo because one of the guys we visited moved from Kumasi to that village. He was like, “Why would he do that? That’s like leaving Provo to go to Price! That place is a joke! If you are not a miner or a janitor your life is gonna be terrible!" It was pretty funny. Did I mention he graduated from USU and Weber?

As for music, I have not really been listening to any lately from the pen drive because others in the apt. usually have something playing so there has been no need really. Sounds like your girls camp thing is coming along nicely! Sounds like a good idea and it will go great I am sure! As for the snail video, [I told him I was watching a video I had taken of him at girls camp before he left on his mission, when he ate a snail as a dare.  He was there as a Priesthood leader] yes I have eaten a lot of worse things such as giant snail, goat ear, goat eye, cat liver, cat intestine, cat heart, dog intestine etc...Sooooo...yeah haha.
That is just nuts that Hadyn went to prom...what the heck. And what’s up with Adam driving?! He is 13! That is just wrong! Well, just wait til dad gives him a little bit of fire for something and he won’t want to drive for a while hahaha!
[Hadyn is his cousin who is a sophomore, time flies! I told him we let Adam drive around the church parking lot :) ] Tomorrow is when we will watch Meet the Mormons again, I am excited it will be cool! This week should be pretty good though, probably busy as usual! But I am trying to take more pics, I will try and send them tomorrow maybe if I get a chance! Thanks for everything you do for me and thanks for breaking through UVU security to get me registered! Make sure I get a sweet schedule k? If not I will just not come back home. Haha but seriously...

This work is true, it is God’s work and how great it is to know where His truth lies. He has a prophet, He has apostles. He has given us the way that leads to Eternal Life. The simplicity of the road depends on our willingness to follow. Thanks again, LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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