Monday, December 15, 2014

Good morning good morning!!!!!

Happy Monday to you all! Glad to hear that everything is going well back home and that you have been busy with the real estate mom!  Man I really do miss a stateside Christmas. The Christmas spirit just aint the same in Ghana! But that’s ok, we will enjoy it for sure! We are having zone conference on Thursday and it will be our Christmas party as well. We are singing a song as a zone and IDK what else will happen! But it should be sweet! Sad news to report is that, no, I have not received the letters or any other packages. Hopefully they are sitting in the mission home with my name on it. It will come; just will take some time I guess. I enjoyed a nice apple pie the other day!!! Oh it was heavenly! I found the directions to the cheesecake as well...sorry haha! But yeah a lot of things have been devoured with favorable results. I need to try the stuffing still though, I am scared after my last attempt haha! I really want to make the biscuits too. Thank you again for all of it!!!! You’re the best!!!! So for Christmas I will probably call a little later than usual, because we may or may not be having a zone activity. I will let you know for sure next week. Expect a call around noon I would guess? This week we extended two baptismal dates to some of our investigators. One is an old woman named C. who cannot speak English. She is very smart and remembers everything we teach her and has come to church twice now. The other is a man named Bro. P. He is an older man as well and actually was good friends with Billy Johnson (guy who got the church here) and Bro. Ewudzie when the church first came but soon after left to live in Nigeria. He has been there 30 years but recently came back and decided to return to the faith he once had at his fingertips. So he is very interested and had a great confirmation to his prayers and knows what we are sharing is true! So they are both scheduled for the 17th of January! Wow 2015!!! What?!?! Sorry, back to business... Haha one stupid thing that happened was on Friday we came back to the apartment to find that there was a funeral literally right outside our bedroom windows. The great thing about funerals is they BLAST music ALLL NIGHT!!!!! OH man music was literally shaking the house from 9-6...Got like 2 hours of sleep....I don’t understand that at all. What is the point of blasting music all night??? Oh well....haha so that was fun. But also we did have a baptism for B.T.! It went well!!! All was good and he was sooo happy! I was able to baptize him and right after he came out of the water he just kept saying "thank you, thank you." He is an awesome guy! He will be a strong member of the church for sure!

Yes today was p-day! It was sub-pday so we had a zone activity. We went to the beach to play games, and when we got there the other zone also was doing the same thing. Kind of awkward because President just said that we shouldn’t do combined zone activities. But the assistants were there and said it was all good. We played capture the flag and E. Odongo split some of his toes open on a stone as he was running! His burn is finally healed and now he has gashes all over. He almost passed out because of the pain! An American guy was there and helped us treat his wounds. The guy is a pastor and is here with his family for a 4 year mission to Ghana!!!! Wow that is crazy! He was a cool guy though; it’s always refreshing to meet somebody from the states too. But yeah E. Odongo is ok now and all is well. We will now go and shop and take care of all other business haha! So far an interesting day though. Well, that is what’s going on here. Life is moving onward and everything is pretty good! I am healthy, and happy! Happiness I have truly learned does not depend on anyone else, but it is really up to you! If you want to be happy you will be happy. There is a lot of drama here in the mission haha, it’s like jr high I swear, but you just gotta not mind anyone else and do what you gotta do! Love you sooo much though! Have a good week!  

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