Thursday, December 4, 2014

Yes!!!! I am at district meeting with wifi!!!!!
He finally got some pictures sent with the wifi on his camera. (I think me reminding him his camera can do that helped!)  I don't really know what these are, the food ones look pretty sketchy to me (mom)!! 
Super happy to get this many all at once :-)

We are locked out of the church...

I hate to think what this is!


Oh dear!!




Church in Bereku

I think this must be the view from his apartment

Looks like Spam, the heavenly meat 
(according to the Cape Coast Mission Missionaries)

YSA Activity

YSA Activity

Pizza!! Looks quite good!

This MUST be his apartment....ole 54 steps :)  Looks like quite the hike! 


Service Project

YSA Activity

I have no idea what door this is 


Goood morning to you all!!! Sounds like you are all having a holly jolly holiday season in the cozy little cottage. Yes transfers went well; it was actually kind of fun. I will touch on that later, but if I don’t go chronologically I will get confused haha. So first of all we had Thanksgiving on Tuesday! Yes it was great! So we have a woman in our ward who lives in the US for most of the time but is from Cape. She comes to visit from time to time and she decided that she needed to feed us for Thanksgiving. She wanted to do it before transfers also so we did it on Tuesday. We went there along with E. Stoddard and E. Tuai who serve nearby as well. It was AWESOME we had GIANT fufu with beef, fish and chicken. Along with juice and cookies. It was not quite the same as a nice bird, but it definitely got the job done. A Thanksgiving to remember and definitely better than last year when E. Cardon was sick and I ate by myself haha... I have not yet received the packages but I know 2 of them are in the mission home and I will hopefully get them tomorrow. But onto transfers. Yeah they went well! That morning I was stressed and nervous, but on the taxi ride there I just had a change of heart I guess. I decided it would be as fun as I would allow it. I decided it would be like moving an army or something haha. So that was a tender mercy from the Lord to have a mindset change because it went well! There were a ton of people moving this transfer but it went very well. All got to their  destinations safely and intact. E. Odongo joined me as well and after the Ivies, a senior couple, took us to a restaurant where they bought us lunch! Got chicken kebabs and fries!!! It was delicious! That was very kind of them! Also, yes one of the others in our apt left. Remaining is Elder Etim and he is training a new missionary from England. So that is the apartment. It’s a big change from last transfer, but hopefully it will be sweet. My companion will actually leave on my birthday, so he has two transfers left. Yes, we do say we are killing, so I will be killing my companion :) I feel bad for him, because he got a bad burn on his foot on Monday and the skin is coming off and it’s hard for him to walk. Sis Stevenson said we should not proselyte, so on Saturday we stayed in. Oh I took him to the hospital on Friday, so that’s 3 companions I have had to take to the hospital...hopefully the last as well. But they popped the big burn blisters on his foot and gave him some meds. Now it is just a red raw mess. We also had a baptism on Saturday for D. Yeah we couldn’t go out that day but we did go to the baptism. It was great, except for the fact the font in the church wouldn’t fill because the water pump was broken. So we had to arrange to go to another chapel. We made it work and all went well!!! He was so excited to be baptized it was awesome. He was confirmed on Sunday, but was 30 minutes late to church. I was so scared he wouldn’t come haha, but luckily he and his sister came in. They don’t have a phone so there was no way to contact them. But the Lord provides, that is for sure. We have three with baptismal dates. Two are for the 13th and that is S and B. They are both  doing really well and hopefully we will be able to see them frequently enough to finish all the lessons with them by the 13th. They are both definitely ready right now though. The other is a lady named Araba or Mary, either name, and she was a referral from a member. She is  progressing well and we gave her a date for the 27th. She did not come to church on Sunday, but hopefully we can get her to start coming. The work moves forward though. 

So the problem with the wifi (for his camera) is that our church doesn't have it! Trust me, for the past year I have been looking for somewhere with wifi but sadly it is not too common here... I know how to do it, but I need to find a source!!!! Hayfords has it though; I would just have to pay. Hmmm, maybe I will treat myself to a pizza and some wifi hahaha. Bro. Ewudzie has not told me when he will be going to SLC, I will have to ask him though. Yeah hopefully he will go soon that would be soooooo cool! I am glad the letter came through as well, that didn't take too long at all! Tell Adam good luck on the braces though, not a fun experience haha...But he will like having nice straight teeth I’m sure! Well a new transfer is here, I pray it will go well and the work will move forward. Christmas is here about, which is just so weird. But it is the most wonderful time of the year! I hope you guys have a great week and know I love you!!!! You are the best!!!!

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