Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Morning Salt Lake City!!!! I am good, glad you enjoyed your little vacation to St. George with the Festivus alumni! Sounds like you had a good time. Yes some of the packages came this week, THANK YOU!!! You are awesome! I got the Thanksgiving one and one of the Christmas ones, the one with the tree and calendar along with grandma and grandpa's! Everything was awesome!!! Wow you guys are just awesome thank you soooo much! I really loved your 4-legged turkey on the card haha!!! It brought back memories of Telestrations. All animals look the same! It looked like a turtle-turkey hybrid. That gives me a good laugh each time I see it! The bacon is a welcome addition as well as everything! But again, thank you so very much! I am glad you got the pictures though; I was kind of scared that they would go into spam or something. But I am really happy they all went through. The rooms are here in old 54-step. The wooden barricade is how we lock the door at night haha. The snake was a green mamba; I was told it was one of the most poisonous in Ghana. That was in Akonfudi. We were at a member’s house and she opened a door and it came lunging out. So E. Assibey picked up a plank and smashed it. It was still very much alive in that picture until I smashed its head. The apartment is sweet though, it’s been really cool. It is a million times cleaner than it was hahaha. And my companion burned his foot right before he left his last area. He was burning trash using gas and it exploded. Luckily it only got his foot! He is doing much better though. Yeah we have a guy that comes and collects our trash so that is better. That is awesome that Emilee saw the former E. Cavaness. I miss that guy! And E. Cowan was in the zone until this transfer. Now he is in "Nketsiakrum." That literally means "peanut town." So yeah haha. I have been playing my guitar; I do find it very relaxing after we end the day to just sit on the balcony and play. The Christmas traditions here are on Christmas day, people dress up in crazy costumes and march around with trumpets and drums. They light fireworks too! I can buy Phantom Fireworks here hahahaha! Yeah I hung my tree and I took a pic so I will send it tomorrow if possible! But everything in there is just awesome!!!

But let’s see what has been going on this week. We had MLC on Wednesday and it was great as usual! Some changes are coming into the mission though. Starting next transfer we will begin having jr and sr companions, something that has not been in the past. Allegedly it was to limit "unrighteous dominion," but as President said, there are probably better ways to do that other than taking away someone to be responsible. So that is happening. We will be having a Christmas devotional on the 18th so that will be sweet, don’t really have any idea what will be happening but it will be sweet I’m sure. I got to see E. Quaisie at MLC as he is a newly called zone leader. He just got released as the branch president in Axim and so it was really fun to talk to him and hear about Axim. I miss that place! But it sounds like it is going well there. They have a new building and a member who I really liked is the branch president now. After that we had our Stake PEC meeting which was really good as well. They are good meetings. We are pretty much narcs on the wards though. We collect info from all the missionaries on how the meetings are in the wards and then go tell the stake president haha. But they are good. President Stevenson is always fun to listen to and he is at those meetings so it was good! And E. Cardon is here now so it is fun to see him as well. We also went on splits this week. I went with E. Seaman, the brand new elder in our apartment. It was pretty fun, reminded me of when I trained haha. You do a lot of talking! He is a good missionary though and it was a really good day, we saw Selina and Ben Tum. They are both doing great and will be baptized on Saturday!!! We also have another woman named Araba who will be baptized on the 27th and she is doing great as well. All of them came to church this week so I was really happy about that. The work is moving forward in the area. It was pretty slow last transfer, but this one it is really picking up and we are finding some good people. Oh and we sat down with Bro. Ewudzie one day for a bit and he showed us a ton of pics of when he came to Utah. He has a ton!!! He has met Elder Holland twice! He had pics with him. He will be going to Utah probably for general conference he said. I will probably still be in Cape around that time haha! It is so weird to me that it is already Christmas again though. The time flies. I am really thankful for this time of the year. It really is my favorite time. Not because of the gifts and so forth, but because it is the time where people really come together in a spirit of love one toward another. It is so wonderful to me! I really miss doing all the kind things we would do back home for others around this time, but helping others come to Christ is the greatest gift in the world. It is such a blessing for me to get to help in this work. I am so thankful for this! You are the best mom in the world, I am very thankful for that! You are awesome! I hope you have another great week! I LOVE YOU!!!

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