Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Elder Hack and Elder Ntsie

I got this picture from President Stevenson's Blog :)

Hey there USA! Things are going good here, yes I am happy and healthy, no health problems to complain of! We had interviews with President and that’s one thing he asked me. He asked if I have had any health problems at all in the field, so I had the great pleasure of telling him about the time I gorged myself on that package you sent and the ensuing events hahaha. He told me he had a sleeve of Oreos waiting for him in the nightstand and he was gonna go enjoy them! I told him that’s what put me down for the day! But I am doing good, the Rocky run up the stairs only happened that one time because my motivation to exercise in the morning is low haha...that is something I will try and fix. We have not really gone site seeing here, the castle is in our area however. The rope bridge is in another zone, rather far, so no I have not seen it and unless I get transferred there the odds of me going are low, but you never know I guess! I have not seen any orphanages here. Our area is literally the middle of Cape Coast town, so it’s a lot of stores and that’s basically it haha. I would assume the orphanages are farther away but IDK. Glad to hear that all is well on the Hackmeister front. Don’t worry about the music, I know a guy that can convert it so it will be taken care of this week! Then I will enjoy the music!

Let’s see, this week has been a bit slow honestly. Basically all our investigators left town this week! A ton were in Accra for whatever reason, so we spent a lot of time talking to new people. It was good though, we had a good time. Ran into an unexpected person, that white girl we taught in Akonfudi! She had her family and saw us walking and ran up to us. I was happy, because if forever she is that comfortable approaching missionaries we have done our job!  Like I said, we had interviews and they were good, I always enjoy talking to President Stevenson, he is a cool guy! This coming week we have our MLC meeting so we will be seeing him again, along with our Stake PEC and he will be there as well so it will be a week of meetings for sure! That is all happening on Wednesday, and on Wednesday we have a planning meeting for the YSA activity we are planning. Somehow I got put in charge of music, so I have the "fun" task of trying to find music that is missionary appropriate and at the same time music YSAs will like. Ghanaians are picky about their music, and I don’t think they will like the EFY jams going, so yeah it will be fun....We will figure it out though hahaha! Crazy that it is November though. I remember you asked about a scripture bag, if you can find one like the one I have now that would be awesome. It’s leather with a pocket on the side and a zipper pocket on the other. It’s perfect for carrying pamphlets and stuff. Also I need a new USB charger thing, the ice cube for the iphone haha. I CANT FIND MINE!!! That means I can’t charge my camera or speaker haha...other than in a computer. That reminds me, I will try to send pics today. Glad you enjoyed the one on the blog! Yep that was me and my companion; it was in the institute building! And yes, there IS a Stake Center! Cape Coast was the 1st stake in Ghana! That happened in the 90's I believe. Yep the washer came! I washed with it last week and it was glorious! The washer was a behemoth, definitely fun carrying it up 54 step... The apartment is good, especially since we have water and everyone is getting along pretty well so that is always good right haha!  Today I got a haircut and shopped now we are here emailing! I bought a big box of indo mie AKA top ramen. We will go to FHE in a few hours and so that will be good. I forgot to mention we watched some of conference yesterday and it was awesome!!! We watched the session where Elder Holland talked and he did awesome! I really loved Sister McConkie’s talk as well. Lots of talks on following the prophet! I will try now to send pictures! Oh, nevermind there is no usb port in this computer...sorry!!!  I love you though, you are the greatest! I am happy and healthy and thankful to be here doing this, the Lords work!!!

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