Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Elder Hack at MLC
Enjoying time with Elder Cardon!

Helllloooooo Kaysville!!!! It is pretty cruel to taunt me with lasagna and the fixins when I get excited over the notion of chicken backs! Haha! Leaf roundup sounds like a success! I am jealous of you guys and the fall weather though. It’s pretty warm in this little internet cafe! The snow will soon come! Pretty crazy that the winter is here again though eh? Adam is hitting the big field? That is sweet! DHS did some quality on the track and field! That kid is busy though! wow! That’s pretty crazy about the Utes....come on guy what are you thinking? You gotta be sure your butt is over that line before you start celebrating!  Glad you got to see a photo of me; yep any day a picture of me shows up it must be a good day for you! Unless it’s a mug shot or something I suppose, but that will never happen! After MLC we get fed amazing rice and chicken. So that is what we were chowing down on! It is good stuff! Perks of being a zone leader eh? Yep being a zone leader is fun and challenging....But yeah President is a stud, he leads really well and is a great example! Yes I know that missionary who got malaria. His name is Elder Loader. We came at the same time in fact! He is ok now and has joined our zone. He is going to be in the office until at least the end of transfers in two weeks. Poor guy! He is ok though so that is a relief! Don’t worry I take those pills daily! I have heard too many stories about malaria. Being on a mission is like 10 years of experience in life, the gospel, church government, family, everything crammed into 2 years. Oh how eternally grateful I am and will be for my mission. But this has really been a pretty meh week as far as actual missionary work goes sadly...The city is a lot more difficult than the bush I must say. People have lives here; they work and do other things! It has been nearly impossible to meet with our investigators this week. So that has been kind of a bummer. There is a recent convert here that has a smoking problem and he looks so old for his age. He can’t come to church some weeks because his joints seize up. Oh the Word of Wisdom is divine. We did have our MLC this week obviously. It was great! I like those meetings for a few reasons, but one of which is that the Spirit is always there and the Gospel is taught in its pureness. It’s like going to conference or something and I love it. But we talked a lot about our standards of excellence. Specifically about one in particular, GC's. That is gospel conversations. Previously we were asked to get 35 a week, but after a rather lengthy council it has been decided that quality is better than quantity. The standard is the same, 35 but we really talked about the principle of getting GC's. It’s about finding people, not a number. So I guess you could say we shifted the focus of GC's away from the number and towards the purpose. But right after that we had a planning meeting for the YSA activity and figured some things out and set further plans. There is a 2 cedi fee for all the active YSA's coming. The reps told us the deadline should be the 2nd and they would get the money. But basically nothing was collected. So we figured that one out. After that we had our Stake PEC. The rain was pouring; luckily we took umbrellas because it took forever to get a taxi to the stake center! It was a good meeting though and Pres was there so we had his insight on things. After, he gave us a ride back to town in his car so that was a bonus!

Ah here’s an interesting story; a shipfull of Liberians made landfall in Cape Coast last week! The good news? The fishermen wouldn’t let them land until the police came and then they got all of them to the hospital and quarantine. Kind of a crazy story. It happened far from us but still in Cape. Oh and also, last Monday I bought 11 yards of cool fabric, so yeah! The quilt will be a reality!  

I was thinking about flying this week. I remember when I would go flying with Al and prepare to land, he would first locate the Ogden Temple to help orient himself with the airport. It was a landmark that helped us land safely. If we could find the temple, we would be able to find the runway! I read an article by President Uchtdorf about spiritual landmarks and how they help us on our journey through life. Is there a greater landmark than the temple? If we can honestly say that yes, I am worthy of a temple recommend then we know we are on the path that leads to our heavenly home! How grateful I am to be a part of this marvelous church! It is the Lord's! How grateful I am to have an amazing family!  I love you! Have a great week!!!

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