Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hello there Kaysvillians! I am here in the tiny internet cafe; the computer is filled with viruses so for that reason I will not be sending pictures! Sorry! I think it’s probably a better idea not to destroy my sd card than to send pics, I feel bad about that one as I know how much you enjoy them! Sorry! One day they will be sent, but definitely not from this computer haha. On that note and before I forget, as you asked about a Christmas package a new mini sd card would be sweet! I get scared only having my pics here on this card; you never know if it will get a virus or if the camera will get stolen.  We got over 1000 pics sitting on this bad boy, we need reinforcements!!! Haha but I am doing great, glad to hear it has been a good week on the prairie. I hope you enjoyed the fine dining at Red Iguana, that bad boy is on my list of 1st stops for August haha! But you asked about ZL duties so let me give you the scoop! We are over the zone which is 20 missionaries. We handle any issues they are having personally, if they have problems with investigators they need advice on. We deliver supplies they need such as Book of Mormons or bleach. We collect their weekly numbers as we have Key Indicators we keep track of. We have lessons taught with members present, other lessons taught, referrals received and contacted, new investigators, lessons taught to recent converts/less actives, and gospel conversations. They report to their district leaders then the DL's report to us. It happens every Sunday evening. We then write them down and call the AP's and discuss how the zone is doing. We have our MLC meetings each month, we have stake PEC each month to report on how the missionaries are working in the wards. We also handle reimbursing money for travel or paying bills. So yeah, I have to do math...Reminds me of working at Taco Time though in a way. Really a lot of things as a zone leader remind me of manning the taco hut. It was really good mission prep hahaha. Another thing we are doing is planning this YSA activity for the stake. Its gonna be big! We are expecting over 250 people to come and all 58 missionaries in the cape coast stake will be helping. We have been having a few meetings a week to plan everything and it is coming together well.  If it goes well, it will be an annual thing. If there are any problems we can salute activities and watch as they sail away, never to be seen again. So that is some pressure. But the way it looks it will be sweet. Elder Lebaron is one of the ZLs down here and he is the party planner guy, so it’s been good having him here to help. I am really not a party planner, but I will do whatever I can hahaha. But we also DO proselyte! We have found an interesting person this last week. We were walking along the beach side street where all the tourists go and where all the Rasta guys have their organic vegan coffee shops (seriously) and we were heralded to a certain shop by a woman in a wheelchair. We went over and she informed us she was a member in another ward. She was not alone; there was a woman inside the shop, whom we were told was a less active member from Nigeria.  We decided to go and visit her. She lives inside her tiny little shop. We have visited her a lot this week and become good friends with her and have learned her whole story. She is actually a Liberian though. She fled her country years ago due to the civil war in Liberia for Nigeria where she lived for a few years. The missionaries found her and baptized her there. She later moved to Ghana in hopes of a better life. She was sent by members in Nigeria, they paid her fare and everything. Upon arriving here she slept on the beach for a long time until she got her little shop. She asked the Bishop here for money, but he told her she needed to wait as they had other matters to handle. Well, she got impatient, burned a lot of church books, and swore never to go to the Church again as they had, in her mind, abandoned her when she needed their help the most. Well that was over a year ago. We have been meeting with her and have developed a good friendship with her; she is probably about 35 and is just so lonely. She really has nobody; she can’t go back to Liberia because of Ebola and doesn’t even know if her family is alive. She is a foreigner who can’t speak the language and has no friends. She is a mess, drinking and smoking weed each day. But she has a good heart and just needs a friend to help her. So we are trying to help her come back to the Church and give up her drugs. She indirectly promised to come to church next week so we are hopeful! So yeah I really hope she can overcome her problems and come back to church. No, we were not able to see S. this week. Each time we went to her house she has not been there. Last week she told us she has taken to carrying fish on her head at the beach for money, definitely not the same as being a political adviser eh?  She was not at church, neither was the family she has been staying with but we will find her! The work has been slow thus far in Cape, but I really am hopeful once we find a few good investigators it will be great! We had a fast on Tuesday for that, as it seems all the investigators we do have are dealing with substantial challenges that are halting them. I am optimistic it will get better, as your quotes said you gotta just press forward with a steadfastness in Christ! This is the Lord’s work, so as long as we are doing what we need to He will do what is best! I read a nice scripture in the D&C this week though, Section 50:26. I cannot remember exactly what it says off the top of my head, but it makes me so happy to be a missionary, there is no greater calling! I am just completely at a loss to think about life without this amazing experience! I have learned so very much and am so thankful the Lord has placed me here. Yes, there have been challenges, it seems they come each day, but the blessings are so much greater than the challenges!!! As you were saying about Charity, we are nothing without it! That is something I think about rather frequently. It is sooooo important to develop charity! It’s not easy at all, but it is so important! And I LOVE that talk by Brad Wilcox, His Grace Is Sufficient, I love going back and reading it from time to time! 

As for the music, well I have sad news for you hahaha. More than half the music on it is unplayable because it is in MP4 format, which won’t play through an MP3 speaker, so I didn’t even know most of that music was on there until I plugged it into a computer in Foso. I was SOOOO happy to see I had it, but it’s not reachable. All my favorites are unplayable too hahah...But I think if I can find somebody who has a computer shop here they can convert it. My favorite is "Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing" by the MoTab along with "Homeward Bound" as I had a cool spiritual experience with that song back home that I will share with you another time if you remind me haha. This week though will be better than last for at least one grand reason, that being we have water! All week we were without water, so that just sucked. But it came back last night!!!! YESSSS!!! Thanks again for the surprise package, the best thing in there was probably Spam, but everything was just awesome! The chili, the man cookies, everything! As for a Christmas package, well I will let you know haha!  Yes, 8 weeks and we will be chatting, I will be gazing at the ocean and you'll all be huddled next to a glowing fire! I really miss Christmas stalking,  it’s not really something you can do as a missionary in a 3rd world country lest people get the wrong idea about the church. [We like to go out and randomly give people gift cards or pay for their purchases around Christmas…we call it Christmas Stalking and Kyle is awesome at it!] I am glad you are sharing in the charity though!!!  You are the best, I love you soooo much, I miss you, I really enjoyed all the awesome pics in the package too!!! I have the best family and that is a fact! Thanks for everything again, I love you!!!

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