Monday, November 17, 2014


Pizza after the YSA activity at a sweet restaurant. No, it's not common to see this in Ghana...

Happy P-day to me! Fancy 30 cedi all you can eat 
breakfast buffet!

Georgina's baptism before I left Akonfudi!

Don't mess with K-town - Me and E. Hinckley

 Elder Ntsie and me!

With some of the members after church! It's a big 
step up from the building in Akonfudi.

  I have accomplished this trick. Maybe 
soon it will be luggage and tvs!  

Thanks for the new shoes, as you can see they were needed! Yeah the shoes were dead. No holes in the bottom but they were close! I burned them in honor of their hard work. It was like burning a flag or 
something, solemn and full of respect hahaha. 

Yeah morning!!! I am doing good here in Cape Coast, it’s been a sweet week! Glad you guys are doing well, sounds like grandma's are doing good and that Grandma Tolman is doing pretty well! That is good to hear! I will try to answer all your questions really quick...forgive me if I miss one! First, yeah there is still a lot of Fante (not Twi here, they are very similar though) but luckily most everyone can speak English as well. Yep transfers will be coming next week, transfer news comes this Saturday. So for that we will go and join the APs and a few of the other ZLs and we will get the transfer news then alert our zones. We then will make a "transfer plan" on how we will coordinate transfer day and travel and whatnot. So yeah, on the day we will be at the tro stations getting everyone where they need to be and paying for the transport. It will be a crazy day I guess haha! No, liquid milk is a thing of legend in Ghana but yes, powdered milk is all over the place. If I could buy some Cream O' Weber I would be the happiest guy in the world. 

So you asked about the YSA activity, well it was actually on Saturday! We were pretty nervous to see how it turned out. Ghana runs on what Elder Hinckley called West Africa International Time (WAIT) meaning when you tell people to come at 12 they will come at 4. That is no joke or exaggeration either. It’s worse than West Family Time haha! But people came and they came for the most part on time! One problem was that around 11:45 the DJ was not there. Me and E. Ntsie went to his house and he was gone and his phone was off. Soooo yeah we had to scramble to find a replacement. But it worked out! The activity was big! We had like 200+ people there and they all had fun! We played games, did a devotional activity based on the iron rod, and had food! We got the missionaries out as soon as we could and the YSA's were able to dance to their hearts content to the music they wanted so they enjoyed the day! I was so tired after, we were running around all day, setting up and taking down and making sure all went well. We were there from 10 to 7 so yeah it was a long day. After I was ready to just take a breather so we went to this nice looking restaurant in town called Hayfords. I treated E. Ntsie to a pizza and coke and oh we enjoyed! The place was one of the nicest I have seen in Ghana. It would be pretty nice back home. The pizza was delicious as well! Sadly no calzone...It said chicken, but it was more of a combination with hotdog chunks on top haha. It was REALLY good though! Soooo good! A good way to end a great day!!  We have had a good p-day today. We had an enjoyable day for sure! We went to this fancy hotel called Elmina Beach Resort because the word was they had a 30 cedi breakfast buffet from 7 to 10. So we woke up early and got on the road! Wow that place is soooo nice! Nicest place I have seen in GH. The food was so good! Sausage, omelets, CHEESE, ham, all sorts of things!!!! Best 30 cedis spent! Sat in a nice AC dining room and enjoyed!!!

Yesterday I went to church where I always do, the Cape Coast 1st ward! It was sweet, lots of fante hahaha. It’s a good solid ward so they do the teaching.  There is a pioneer in our ward named Bro. Ewudzie. Bro Ewudzie is always teaching everything haha. If you google "James Ewudzie LDS Ghana" I’m sure you would find stuff on him. But he is going to SLC on Wednesday and said he will be going rather frequently the next few months so next time he goes if I want to send anything home he will take it! So maybe I can give the camera card to him and he can get it to you! That would be cool! But my comp is good. He goes home in February. He is from Johannesburg and is a convert. He is a good guy. All his family are members except his parents. Elder Ike and Etim are both from Nigeria and are good guys as well!

Also great news is we will be having 2 baptisms on the 29th! One will be D, I think I told you about him. He is 12 and his sister is a member. The father wouldn’t let him be baptized but we went and saw him at his house and talked to him. He told us to call him in a few days which we did and he agreed! Wooooo! So we will baptize him and a man named Ben. He was a referral from E. Hinckley and this guy is a stud! He has been prepared by the Lord. He bore his testimony to us on the 2nd lesson. He has come to church with his kids the past 3 weeks! He wants to be baptized and knows what we are teaching is true! So we are really excited for him! The 29th will be a great day for sure! We also saw that woman S. during the week and calmed more of her fears and problems. She came to church on Sunday and said she wants to be baptized as well, so now it’s just a matter of teaching her and helping her more fully grasp the gospel! As for missionary work itself, things are looking better than last week! People are coming by the grace of God, and I feel good about this coming week. We had a new guy named Ishmael come to church by himself on Sunday, so that is just sweet. We will start teaching him this week and hopefully he will progress! The work moves forward and I love it! But look at how the Lord works. He is a God of miracles. People are throwing themselves into the baptismal font haha. It truly is His work though; He brings these people into the light. 

This week I went on splits with Elder Hinckley which was sweet! It was funny to me to be with a fellow class of '13 Dart. What are the odds of two kids from Kaysville UT being sent to the other side of the world to teach the gospel together? It was cool to teach with him. He is a powerful guy and we really had a great day! I learned a lot and enjoyed the day thoroughly. They have a good area as well! Oh and this will make you happy! A by-product of me being in charge of the music for the activity was I got my music!!!!!! It was converted by the office elders so I FINALLY HAVE IT!!! Oh I love MoTab!!!!! I missed them. I was listening to them today; the classics of Homeward Bound and Come Thou Fount make me so happy! They bring the Spirit like none other. I love just sitting there and being filled with inspiration from the Spirit. The Lord speaks through music! That is why I love MoTab so much. It is a way that the Spirit can communicate so clearly.  One piece of personal revelation I received as I listened to Homeward Bound today was in the words:  Bind me not to the pasture-Chain me not to the plow-Set me free to find my calling-And I'll return to you somehow.  This is freedom. This, teaching the gospel and doing the work of the Lord. Oh how it fills me with joy to do the work of the Lord. I will do so all my days. I will return to Him somehow. I will do His work with a pure heart, a willing mind, I love the Lord. 

Thank you for sending the packages! I will let you know when they come! No problem on the duty, it’s a fact of life right now haha. Glad the Christmas tree is still sitting pretty in Axim as well! Haha and the stocking! That is hilarious! It has brought festive cheer to missionaries all year! Love you soooo much! You’re the best!

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