Monday, October 6, 2014

Hellooooooo! Its 5 o clock here in beautiful Cape Coast with sunny skies and an apartment that overlooks the whole city and ocean. I am doing good though, just trying to manage having roads and the fact I bought a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch today along with cheese singles. It’s not an easy adjustment... Haha but yeah I am getting nestled in here in Cape! It was pretty sad saying goodbye to Akonfudi to be perfectly honest! I will miss that place and all its insanity haha!! But really, I will miss the great members there and the investigators we had! I learned a lot there!! But Wednesday we left rainy Assin Foso and escaped to the coasts of Cape! I led the convoy, meaning I was in a tro with 3 sister missionaries and my two bags and the 100,000 bags between the three of them. I got a good workout loading those things into and out of the tro. We made it to Cape unscathed and met the welcoming committee there at the station. I hung out and waited while everyone else got to where they needed to go. I found E. Ntsie (in-see-a[as in ape]) and we took my bags and got in a taxi and headed out to find my new home…old 54-step (I counted). We pulled up and I just laughed because it is a lot of steps and my bags were very heavy haha...But yeah E. Ntsie put one on his head and I lugged the other up the steps. The apartment is a 4-man. It’s me, him and two Nigerians. So far it’s pretty quiet'll most likely stay that way sadly...Didn't exactly feel the welcoming committee there. But yeah it’s actually a nice apartment! Not the best, but not the worst! But I unpacked and we sat down to do some reports because that night we had a PEC meeting with the stake leaders at 6. The stake pres was not there because he was in another city, but his councilors were along with Pres. Stevenson. We were there along with two other ZL companionships. We reported on how the individual wards are doing working with their missionaries. It was a good meeting, I felt pretty fresh and shiny haha. But I will get the hang of it as time goes on. The area is pretty good. There are not a lot of investigators here at the moment, so we will try to work on that. It’s right in the middle of the city so I guess it’s kind of hard to find people. But we will try! The Lord is with us! Honestly this has been a really long week. Weeks with changes are always really long. This was no different haha. Just getting accustomed to the area, people, my new companion etc. It all adds up to make the week a bit long haha. But I am really excited to be here and I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for us here! I have learned that truly everything He does is for a purpose, so I will try to be humble and allow Him to take me anywhere He wishes. I have made it a goal to love everyone and give service to everyone I can. I am thankful to have the opportunity to be here. The ward is really cool though. Had fast Sunday and it was great! There are 3 pioneers in the ward and so that is really cool! Heard some powerful testimonies and everything worked so fluidly, we didn't even have to do anything! But yeah, one man is named James Ewudzie. He said in his testimony about how in 2012 he was in the US and did a fireside where? Why in Kaysville UT! I was surprised to hear that haha! He is a really cool guy though, very Christ-like and friendly! I saw him walking down the road with a BYU hat on though.... And he told us about E. Cavaness. He works in the temple and was there when they discovered his passport was missing! Crazy! But the Lord got him back to where he belongs! (No, that is not a Farmers Insurance reference.)

I am glad you enjoyed conference! Nope, didn't hear any of it but am looking forward to it! Should be in about a month, but it will be great!  I forgot my camera cord, but I will try and see if dropbox will work. I was worrying the same thing would happen so that is a good idea. Oh and yeah my companion is a zone leader. One of the other elders in our apt is a district leader. Elder Hinckley from good old K-town is in the zone and is the other district leader. I heard about the Meet the Mormons and it sounds really interesting! That is cool they are releasing it in theaters, hopefully it does really really well! The Church is so smart! I always marvel at how powerful the Church is, truly run by the Lord. 

Haha you're right, no sympathy coming from me on the dishes, (I told him our dishwasher broke this week) oh and I did my laundry by hand today as well since my washer has not yet come. First time I have done that in a long time! So yeah, no sympathy from me hahaha!  Well, we are having our Mission Leadership Council (MLC) on Wednesday so that will be exciting! We will see what happens! I pray I can magnify my calling as a zone leader!!  I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for everything you do, you are the BEST!!! I will talk to you later!!!!

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