Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Me Paakyo (please), good afternoon! Cape Coast is doing great and so am I! It’s been a good move and a pretty smooth transition honestly. I am enjoying the area, companion and everything! Yeah the apt is getting good actually, so I am happy about that! Nope no washing machine yet, so it’s gonna be another day of hand washing, but next week it should be here! You better believe I am enjoying the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and yep I ate grilled cheese every day this week! It was heavenly! Haha but on to the more serious side, things are going well here in the work! We had our MLC on Wednesday here in Cape and it was really good! It was nice to see some of the other ZLs who I have not seen for a while. But yeah, President Stevenson is just a boss! He is an awesome leader, guy and is just funny! We discussed a number of items as a council and he led and he is just awesome. Lots of good points were discussed. We reviewed the daily schedule we are operating under and Pres. did away with one of our old standards. That would be 9 hours of proselyting daily. We decided that as long as we are working hard in our prime hours, having our "hooks in the water" it doesn’t really matter if we come home at 8 as opposed to 8:30. That is something Pres is doing in the mission, he refers to it as "fulfilling the Law of Moses" and living the Higher Law. He is really smart and helps us understand the principle more than the rule. He also lifted another rule, in the past we were not allowed to call any recent converts from our old areas, but now we can so long as they are not of the opposite sex of a similar age. So that is cool! We also talked a lot about the qualifications of baptism and he told us to really find out early if anyone has had a problem with certain things early, and if they have had a problem, Pres. Stevenson wants to personally talk with each, either him or one of his councilors. He is a great leader with a great vision of the mission. After the meeting though we had a delicious lunch of rice and chicken. Also, we are planning a big stake-wide YSA activity for next month, so we had a meeting with the other ZL's in the Cape Coast stake to discuss it. We will also be meeting on Thursday this week to kind of finalize our plans before we get into the action stages. But that should be  sweet! Other than that we had a good week of proselyting. We have been contacting a lot, trying to find new people. We were hoping to have a baptism on Saturday, but it didn’t happen because the woman didn’t come to church last Sunday. So we told her she needed to come to church this Sunday so she could be baptized next Sunday. She didn’t come, this is the third Sunday she has not come so it’s been kind of frustrating as she says she wants to be baptized but is not keeping her commitments, so we will have to try and work with her. We have not set a new date for her; we want her to be a bit more consistent. We are planning for a baptism for the 25th though for a boy named D. He is 12 and his older sister is a member. He has been coming to church for months and wants to be baptized so that is sweet! We will be working with him to make it happen! Other than them we have just a few people we are trying to visit. We have been doing a lot of contacting and meeting new people which is good. Last night E. Ntsie and I played a game Cody told me about from his mission. Whenever we would be approaching somebody to contact, one of us would say a word and the other has to work it into the conversation. It adds some fun to the work! E. Ntsie gave me the word "Albino." That was a fun one to work around...I ended up saying to the guy, “My brother here is from South Africa. For me, I'm not albino, I'm from the US." All three of us just cracked up hahahaha. Oh and also another thing that happened this week. I woke up on Saturday to the phone ringing. It was Elder Lebaron (fellow Davis Dart) who is the ZL in Yamoransa calling to ask if our church had water. Theirs did not and they had a baptism in their zone. Well, ours didn’t either and there were elders from ANOTHER zone who were in the same situation who wanted to use our church. I spent the next hour coordinating with some of the other elders in our zone until we found a chapel that did have working water. We had to then get a stake representative to preside since it would be multiple wards having a baptism at the same time. But in the end it all worked out and they had a great baptism thanks to the elders with the working font going early in the morning to fill it up! 

This next Monday we will be having a service project for the zone. We have been looking everywhere for a project. We found one in the same area where the working font is. An investigator has a trench in front of his house that fills with water and floods during the rain into his house, so we are going to go dig out all the mud so it will drain better. We need boots and shovels for that though, which is not exactly easy to find here since the only people who have boots are farmers and nobody farms in the city. But we got a tip that at the "city hall" I guess you could say, they loan boots and shovels to people with projects! So we went there this morning and had to do some convincing with the sanitation board to let us use them. I felt like Frank Abagnale in Catch Me If You Can trying to con somebody or something haha. This area is definitely different than either Akonfudi or Axim, but more similar to Axim. Yeah the roads are paved, there are street lights, buildings, it’s a city! I can buy Old Spice deodorant and soap here! Speaking of which, if a package is ever being sent in the near future, could you please send some shaving cream? That is not something I can find and is crucial haha. Also, Reese's Pieces? Haha thanks!!!!!! 

Lets see, you asked for my favorite leaders from YM. Definitely Kartchner, Higgs, Southerland, Mcleod, Smith,Shumway, and oh I know there are more but I can’t remember! Lots and lots of good guys though for sure! I was very blessed!  I figured Pres. Wangsgard would be released before I got home; he has been in those positions for a long long time! He must be tired! I sure hope they leave Bishop in place though! Don’t touch him!OH I have a quote for you this week. It was hanging in our bishop’s office and I noticed it during PEC. "Before you criticize somebody, walk a mile in their shoes. That way you're a mile away when you criticize them and you have their shoes."-Unknown. Haha it made me laugh. Have fun in the majestic outdoors at Mt. Rushmore! Oh and I hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! The big 29! Don’t worry, I'll be home for 30! I hope it is filled with fun! Enjoy the sight of Teddy Roosevelt's chest hair or something! (I don’t know if they carved that into the hills or not.) 

I am so thankful though for the wonderful opportunity I have to be here in Cape Coast learning and growing. I am thankful for the wonderful work the Lord gives to us to help Him with. I am always struck by how this truly is His work! He leads us in all we do. He guides us. There is no question in my mind this is His work. The task for us is to live worthy to have His guidance and direction. To live steadfastly even if trials come. To exemplify the Savior and His manner in our actions. As we do so we unlock the powers of Heaven, the Lord rejoices, and we will be strengthened in our righteousness. I marvel at how blessed I am to have this gospel in my life, to have it from infancy. I can never repay the Master, but I can show my appreciation in the way I live. I can serve Him. We must all. At all times. In all things. In all places that we may be in. We must STAND. We must SPEAK. We must LIVE. Thank you for all you do for me. I am so very thankful for you and all you do! I hope you have an amazing week.  I will get pics sent, but not this week. Sorry! I forgot the cord in the apt! But thanks for all you do! Thanks for making me laugh each week, go buy a Crown Burger for me! Love You!

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