Monday, September 29, 2014

Good morning! Thanks for the virtual hug haha! Well, I have some big news, so you are right, it is transfers. I am leaving Akonfudi also! But guess what? I am going to Cape Coast to be a zone leader! I got called on Saturday. I did not expect that at all! When I saw it was President calling I thought I was going to be called to be a district leader, but nope I am a zone leader. The Cape Coast zone leaders do a ton of work on transfer days coordinating all the movements so I will be extra busy I guess! I am pretty excited and also humbled to be called to be a zone leader. It’s going to be a great opportunity to learn and grow and serve! I will be with Elder Ntsie, he is from South Africa. He was in the same district as me about 8 months ago and is a great guy so it will be sweet! I hope I can do all the Lord asks me to do! So transfers are on Wednesday so I gotta get all packed and stuff today and tomorrow. Should be an adventure haha! Also, Elder Assibey will be training a new elder here in Akonfudi, so that will be cool for him! He is a good missionary. It is true that next transfer will be an 8 week transfer also. That is the big new exciting news of the week! I don’t know really what it will be like, but it will be humbling and exciting to serve as zone leader and be on the mission leadership council. Every month the zone leaders have a council meeting with President so that will be cool!

This week we went on splits twice, once on Thursday and next on Friday. I went to Foso with Elder Collette from New Mexico while Elder Larsen went to Akonfudi to do G’s baptismal interview. I had a good day in Foso, but it was kind of crazy too. Elder Collette accidentally lost the phone in a taxi so we spent the day without a phone hah. We had a good day though despite that! The next morning Elder Larsen and Assibey came to Foso because E. Assibey needed to go to Cape for the trainers meeting so we took him to the station and I spent the day with Elder Doggett and Elder Nakedi. They are sweet guys! We spent the morning doing zone leader chores, like buying those other guys a new phone and buying the sister missionaries a flashlight, so that was fun. We went and taught a lesson and it was cool to learn from them! Elder Doggett left this morning for Cape so he will be back in those good old Rocky Mountains in a few days! Sorry the weather is cooling down there, that’s no fun for you haha! It’s been raining a ton here recently though. We keep getting stranded under roofs while the rain pounds for 30 mins or so haha! But yeah, the other highlight of the week was G's baptism! I was so happy to see her baptized before I left, we have been working with her for so long so I was so glad she has done what is needed to prepare for baptism. Elder Larsen said she bore a strong testimony in the interview so that was awesome! But we took her to Akonfudi in a taxi and did the baptism. Sadly not many people came, but she was there and that’s all that mattered. She has a very difficult time walking so I was kind of nervous having her walk the steps into the water, but the man baptizing her did an awesome job helping her! Yesterday she was confirmed in church in Bereku as well so that was good! We missed it as we blessed the sacrament in Akonfudi and I gave departing testimony. Then we went to Bereku for the rest of the day. Man it’s going to be kind of strange to leave this area. I have been here for a long time. It will be weird to teach people that speak English! I have seriously been teaching through E. Assibey this whole time. He just translates. Now it’s going to be back to normal! Weird...not to mention all the new responsibilities as a zone leader.  I really pray that I can do all the Lord will ask of me! I want to do all I can to please Him. It will be sweet!

Glad that all is well on the home front though! Adam is killin it it sounds like. Props to him for getting that 4.0 at midterm. If he gets it at the end of the term does he get a Camaro haha?! Yeah as for the pie, I don’t think that will really be possible haha! Nope, no pumpkins here. I suppose the gourd family does not fare too well here in the tropics. I have not seen any pumpkins or any of those maraca looking things. Nope, the old squash family would seem to be a cool region family. Just cassava and plantain here! As for the meat on the BK burger, it looked like ground beef. Fun little story. One of the ones I bought had mold on the beef. I just ate around it. That’s life in Ghana. Did I get sick? Of course not! You develop the immune system of a water buffalo here. Remember that dog we cooked? They made us some stew with it and do you know what water they used? It was water from the port-a-potty river we walked through! Good thing they cooked it hahahahah! (I don’t eat like that usually I swear.) But yeah, that’s the type of week it’s been. It will be a pretty crazy week this week I suspect. Gotta adjust to a lot of new things I suppose haha! But I love you sooo much! You guys are the BEST!!! Thank you for all you do for me! Keep up the good work!!!

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