Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy Day :)

Elder Assibey and myself with Bro Kofi Elijah 
at his baptism!!!

I saw this guy and nearly knocked him down running over to get a picture with him!

Here is our house! Home sweet home!

Mmmmm, sweet Pee Cola! Show this to Cody, he will really love it haha. He sent me a pic of a bottle when I first came out and I finally found one! It was empty though, so "sadly" IDK what Pee Cola tastes like!

 Group of people watching me grate cassava

Pounding fufu a few weeks ago with Rich Boy. We are gonna do it again today! He makes really good fufu and soup!!!

Look a giraffe!!! This was at the slave museum me and Elder Ouma went to!

This is the church in Bereku. No, seriously.

This is the church in Akonfudi. This picture is taken from my front door.  We live 15' away from the church.

I'm really adjusting to the climate!  The face is not tanning as well as the arms! (note: he has his own head but E. Quaisie's body) haha!!

Kind of a blurry pic, but this is a cute member girl in Bereku named Berlinda. She is like 6, every time we go to their house she yells "Elda Hackmeista!"

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