Monday, May 19, 2014

Aloha and happy Monday! I am doing great, thanks for asking! Man the computer did it again! I had typed all of it and was sending, but the network crashed! Grrrr! I copied it this time, well most of it! Stupid Ghana internet haha, it’s great to have to retype a giant email, that is always a blast haha. But yeah good week this week, interesting week with some interesting stories, so let’s dive on in! Well, Wednesday was a really weird day, so these two stories are from Wednesday...

We felt inspired in the morning to go and visit Bro. N, the man who likes to drink and is the high priest group leader. We got to his house around 11 and yeah, he had been drinking. So we sat him down to give him a little message on having faith to endure and overcome, but he wasn't having it. He would keep interrupting and ask weird questions that did not pertain. He even told us he has a hernia and wanted to show us. Well, I had had this experience in Axim with our good less active friend Ebekai when he dropped his pants to show us haha. So I turned my head so I wouldn't have to witness that again!  That turned out to be an inspired decision. What transpired was just scarring haha. Elder Ouma did not turn his head and he says that Bro. N had a hernia the size of a baseball on his waist that he held in his hand and squeezed!!!! I didn't see it luckily but I did hear it. I will never get that sound out of my head of intestines being squeezed haha. Man had I seen it I probably would have vomited on that guy hahah. He did it like 3 times throughout us trying to teach him, so we decided to get the heck out of there haha. We started to close and as Elder Ouma was testifying Bro N. interrupted saying to wait and he then squeezed it again... So we closed, prayed and got out of there. We told him he needed to get that operated on or else he was gonna kill himself but he said he was scared of surgery. We told the bishop though, so hopefully something happens….. Weird experience of Wednesday #2 comes in Bereku. One of the member’s 16 year old boy named Dominic was sick so we went to visit him. He was in bed really sick and nobody was tending to him so we decided to go and buy him some juice and bread. We walked to a store and bought him some bread and a thing of juice. Juice here comes in basically a giant juicebox. Well, we walked back, found a cup and opened the juice to pour into the cup. The moment we opened the lid I was hit by a sharp smell and knew we didn't buy juice haha. Yeah, smelled like alcohol. So we SEARCHED the box to see what it was, since it really didn't say. Well, after sifting through 10 different languages listing the ingredients we found English and sure enough, we bought red wine hahahaha. Yeah, I never thought I would buy alcohol, let alone as a missionary, but I would be lying if I said I haven't. So we poured it back into the box, and took it back to the store. The 10 year old girl who sold it to us traded for a 1.5 liter of Sprite, so we made it out ok. Luckily we didn't get the sick boy drunk hahaha, that would not have been good at all!!!

But yeah, other than that things are going pretty well. We will have 4 baptisms on Saturday, we were hoping for 5 but there is a story attached to that as well. The one that won’t make it yet is an old woman named Georgina, who has been coming to church as long as I have been here. She comes each week and even pays tithing. Well, we decided to visit her after church on Sunday to confirm some details for the baptism and so we headed to her little shop. We get there and catch her red handed smoking! What?! We were shocked and sad! Even worse was she tried to lie, telling us it was medicine. Very sad! We had taught her the word of wisdom a few days earlier and asked if she had any problems and she said no! So that was sad that she lied to us, but thankfully the Lord showed us before the baptism went through. So we will have to work through that one with her... But the rest are doing good and are on track so that is good!!!!

Today for p day we went to the next town down called Assin Praso for a district activity.  There is a fort there from the British where they would keep the slaves as they transported them to the coast, so they have a little museum and in the bush are some ruins and graves and stuff along the river Pra.  Sadly no one else in our district wanted to spend the 8 cedis to come and get in. So it was just me and E. Ouma. But it was sweet, got lots of nice pictures. There is a NICE bridge built in Feb over the river. It’s really not that nice, basically and overpass, but for Ghana it is NICE haha!! Got some good pics there too! I was talking to Elder Cowan the other day and he wants to room with me at USU when we get back, told me I should tell you and he will tell his mom. But yeah that would be sweet, he is awesome. I am feeling good, the mission doc is over all of West Africa but Sis. Schiffman who is one of the sr. missionaries was a nurse at Ogden Hospital so she does most of the checking up on us sort of thing so if it gets to be a problem I will talk to her! And no I never use sunscreen, I have only gotten burned a few times on p days haha. But yeah, good old Italian skin is a +.

That is awesome about Adam knocking one out of the park, I liked the picture of him holding the ball that you sent! Also the ones of him dancing made me
laugh haha! They were awesome. I loved the pics of Cody and Amanda as well, looks like they really had a great time in Mexico! I am happy about Brady too! Sounds like he is laying the foundation for a wise economic future full of big business investments and corporate sieges(idk). But really, that is awesome he is doing so well. I have snapped some awesome pics this week, so hopefully someday I will get to send them home haha. I have a nice one of me holding a giant grasscutter (rat), so stay tuned! The camera battery shouldn't be a problem, I have not looked for one yet because I am in the bush, but I really will be able to find one I think. The day is coming soon however that I will need some new socks and maybe a belt and one or two ties however, not immediately but soon!  Fun fact, it was one year ago today that I received the Melchizedek Priesthood!

I love you soooo much, you are the best mom in the world and we have the best family in the world!!!!! I LOVED getting to talk to you guys, it was sooo nice!!! It sounds like everything is going well at home!!! I love you all!!! In the words of our favorite Wendy's drive thru guy, "Have an AWESOME day!!!!"

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