Friday, May 30, 2014

Sadly this week we didn't get a letter :'(  Elder Hack's zone leader's mom forwarded me her letter from her son Elder Doggett and he talked about spending a day with Kyle and that they had a great day and night together!  So I know he is happy and healthy somewhere in the bush!  He also talked about how the electricity had been off a lot last week...he says that ECG "Electricity Company of Ghana" is more like "Either Candle of Generator" haha!  So I guess we'll chalk it up to no electricity and pray for a letter this Monday!!!!  I thought I would do a throw back photo from the days when we could get pictures.... hopefully some day soon we will see some new ones!  I had seen this picture about a year ago and loved it so I saved it, then got the picture of Elder Moleme, Elder Hack, Elder Cavaness and Elder Larsen, and it looked almost identical.  Amazing picture, and love those happy missionary faces!!  So at this point we figure this is as good as it gets for this week.  We are keeping the faith that no news is good news!!

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