Monday, February 3, 2014


I am glad that everything is good there at home and that you made it home safely!
This has been a pretty good week. On Tuesday we had our district meeting in Tarkwa, which is pretty far. But Elder Moleme actually opened that area up when he was new on his mission so it was cool for him to go there. We had a nice meeting and got pizza at a hotel called Hotel de Hilda after and it was soooo good! After, we walked around and visited people he knew. It was me, Larsen, Kalahiki, Keetch, and Williams all following Moleme for like 3 hours as he visited people haha. But we left around 4:30, which was kinda late and I was a little nervous because you can’t go directly from Tarkwa to Axim, you have to stop in Agona for a "connecting flight" and they stop around 6. We got to Agona and lo and behold, there were no tros to Axim left. So yeah, we were stuck. Luckily we were able to hitch a ride with a truck to the junction of Axim. Haha it was interesting. There were 5 people crammed in the back seat and then us 4 elders crammed into the front seats. Elder Moleme had to sit on Kalahikis lap for the 2 hour ride hahaha!  But we made it to the junction of Axim around 7:30 and had to walk for an hour into the town through the pitch black. It was pretty fun honestly hahaha! Then on Wednesday Elder Larsen was sick. We taught 1 lesson to Elizabeth who just got baptized. We taught her about the temple and sealings and she was so excited it was sweet. She wants to do family history and go and get sealed in a year. Her husband Daniel will be baptized on the 15th too, so that’s awesome! After that lesson a member prepared all 4 of us banku and "peppe" as it is called, which is like really really hot salsa. It was really good! But Larsen was feeling sick that morning and the banku put the nail in the coffin. We went home and it was like 12. He had a fever and was just not feeling well so we stayed in all day. So that day was kinda boring. The next day he was still not feeling the best, but we went out and proselyted. The zone leaders, Elder Ndah and Caveness came on splits that day with the other elders and then Friday Elder Caveness came with us. He is from Alta and he is sweet. We had a fun day with him and we went to a peninsula in the area and got some sweet pics so I will have to send them next time I am in Takoradi. But on Saturday we had our baptism and yeah Grace got baptized. It was sweet!! I got to baptize her and it was awesome! We had 4 people baptized that day and so it was sweet!  We also got transfer news on Saturday evening. We were expecting to have a Ghanaian come and be branch president, but it turns out it’s Elder Caveness that is coming to Axim, which is strange. He was our zone leader and had only been one for 1 transfer, so for him to get put here in the same zone is an interesting move, but I’m sure it is inspired. So who will be the branch president here I don’t know. Yesterday was really not a good Sunday. The Julanders came to our branch which was sweet, and when Pres Nokoe found out he decided to come as well. The 1st time he has come to church in a month. He didn’t even sit on the stand he sat in the crowd. There is a girl in the branch wanting to serve a mission and has done all her papers, she just needs Nokoe to interview her. Her father is a nonmember and said that if she doesn’t get things going soon, she won’t be able to go and will go to school instead. So yeah, after sacrament I went and asked Nokoe if he would interview her and he refused saying he had "personal reasons" for not and that the next president could do it. I told him that she needs to be interviewed or else she won’t be able to go and he said he wouldn’t do it. I was sooooo mad, I had to walk away right there or else I was gonna give it to him. But luckily I just walked away. Moleme was with me and was my witness as to what happened. During 2nd hour we were doing the tithing and Nokoe came in and yelled at us because the other elders were trying to give our recent converts the priesthood and he didn’t agree or something and he yelled at all of us and he yelled at me especially because I was apparently trying to tell him what to do and he talked about how he sacrifices so much to be branch president and how there is no consistency in the church or something. It was so hard not to dig into him but I restrained and just shook my head at him. I can’t believe he would yell at us like that, it was ridiculous. I love how he told 4 missionaries about what sacrifice is too. He doesn’t even do anything, that’s the thing. He doesn’t do any branch business at all. Ahhhh....haha I'll let that one go though.

We took the Julanders to Axim Beach after church to visit and man we explored a bit more than I have before and found some amazingly beautiful areas. If you ever want to visit Ghana, that is the place to go! Wow I got some nice pics there as well! But the Julanders gave us free haircuts so I am nice and groomed haha! When they left they took Elder Kalahiki with them so it’s just the three of us til Wednesday when Caveness comes! I hope this week will be sweet, we need to find new people to teach since we have been baptizing everyone :) So I think we will focus a lot of time on finding people this week.

Oh the packages made it here in record time!!! I got a text on Friday that they are in the office, now I’m just waiting for someone to bring them out to me! Hopefully this week I will get them so thank you sooo much for sending them! You are awesome! I hope everything goes well this week for you back home! I love you sooo much and will talk to you next week! Love you!! 


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