Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello from Ghana! Sounds like everyone is doing good. I got the packages yesterday...THANK YOU!!! They are awesome, thank you soo much for everything! They say I have another one in the mission office so I guess that’s the one from Grandma! Hopefully it will be here in the coming week. I will try not to get too fat off of everything in there!

This week has had its ups and downs. The beginning of the week was…rough. Probably one of the roughest few days of my life. The pressure here started getting to me and it was not fun. Between the branch, transfers, the lack of serious investigators, things were hard. But just like those quotes you shared, the Lord gives us things to strengthen us. I realized that a few days ago while I was reading a talk by Neal A Maxwell. It was good and I figured that the Lord has been refining me, He knows what He wants us to become even when sometimes we don’t.  

We will be having another baptism on Saturday for Daniel, so we are excited about that! He chose me to baptize him so I am grateful for that opportunity. Hopefully he will pass the interview and all will be well! After he baptizes I don’t know exactly who we will focus on. With all the drama in the branch, getting referrals is a problem, and there are no serious investigators at the moment. We will figure it out though. The Lord will bless us if we are doing what is right and are obedient.

Elder Caveness is in our apartment now and he is awesome. I really like him and he also brought a washer, a toaster, a weight set, and others, so we are living luxurious now! Last transfer went so quick, this coming transfer I don’t know if I will stay or go. I am not sure what I want to do either. Because I feel like Axim can be so tough at times haha. But it really is a sweet place too and has so much potential. I’m not sure. But I know that wherever I go in 5 weeks is for the best, the Lord knows us better than we know us. Sunday was a pretty good day I suppose. The Julanders came. The branch president wanted to sit in the congregation until he found out they were coming then he changed the whole agenda and directed the meeting himself.

Thank you for the pics as well haha they made me smile. We are here in Takoradi so I will send some pics now, they say more than words right? Oh and on Wednesday we went to an island so there are some sweet pics! We took a boat there at 9 am and it was sweet to be on a boat! I miss boating now.  There were kids "tubing" by holding onto a rope in the boat and sitting on a piece of wood. They were going about 5 mph and thought it was awesome, so I can imagine what they would think of real boating haha! But we were on the island from 9 to 1 because the boat left us there haha. It was just us 4 missionaries and the guy who watches the lighthouse located on the island. But I will send the pics and let you behold! I love you sooooooo much! Thank you for the prayers and all you do, it helps! The Lord is refining me at the moment, but I know that through Him I can be better than I am!  Love you soo much!

Axim Beach again! Last Sunday we explored a bit more 
and it's amazing!

Paradise in Ghana

I promise not all of Ghana is like this haha!

We walked through the tide pools and threw rocks at crabs

 Me, Larsen and Cavaness

This is not on that island, but is on a peninsula that I told you about a few weeks ago. Observe!

 Axim is beautiful for sure!

Another pic from the peninsula!

Gaze upon the Gulf of Guinea 

Us on the boat. That's Bro Armoo, the 1st counselor. He took us to the island then left haha.

Land Ho!

Me, Elder Larsen and Grace, that was a great day!

Us with Grace and her family

The baptism the other week! Me, Grace, Samuel, Agnes, Kofi, 
and Elder Kalahiki

Well this one needs some explaining, right? Me and Larsen were going to teach a lesson and we are walking past this shack and Larsen says, "Are those poptarts?" I look over and inside I see a GIANT box of poptarts so I walk in. There is poptarts, Kraft mac n cheese, Juicy Juice, Cheetos, Doritos, BBQ Sauce, all sorts of stuff! We came back the next day with the other elders and cash and we bought that stuff. I bought grape juice, mac n cheese and some toothpaste! It was pricey but sooo good! I had the 5 cedi mac n cheese last night and it was amazing! The lady gave us everything in the wal mart bags so i guess wal mart ships stuff that they don't sell to Africa? The juice expired in November so I guess that's why they sent it, it was still good though. I had some doritos and they were stale. The giant poptarts were already sold so we couldn't get them! But maybe next time!

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