Tuesday, August 13, 2013

HI!!! Yeah I don't know why I didn't get it! I think I'll be fine without the sleeping bag so thats not too big of a deal. The bed is not too bad but the pillow they gave us was sooooo lumpy!!! Im glad I brought mine haha! Yeah I know both Elders Valdez and Cowan. Valdez is going to the Accra West mission and he is pretty cool and Elder Cowan is hilarious and going to mine. I miss you too. You and Tiki mostly ;). I am having as much fun as I can in a building surrounded by an electric fence hahaha. The elder next to me in the lab was just sending an email home to his family saying he was going back home and how nobody could stop him. I felt so bad for him because I know he is going to miss out on so many amazing opportunities and miss out on meeting so many amazing people. We have to sacrifice what we love most so others can understand what they love most. Well enjoy the pictures! Love you tons!

Hey! Hows home? Does Tiki miss me yet haha? Yeah the MTC is getting pretty old, but we are going to the temple in about an hour so I have been looking forward to that for the past few days. We have had some good times here. The other night one of our classes was canceled, so all the natives started singing and playing hymns on the piano. A bunch of people joined in, so by the end there were like 40 of us missionaries all crowded around the piano belting out hymns. It was awesome. Africans sing like champs regardless of if they can carry a tune or not haha!

So the food at the MTC is pretty bad, but I have a feeling its better than a lot of what I'll be eating. The other day I had an african candy, like hard candy, and it said it was honey and lemon flavor but it tasted exactly like a cough drop haha. Also had some hot chocolate for breakfast but it tasted exactly like toothpaste, so you can see that their definition of sweet is different than ours! Actually sweet means good here. So like, pizza is sweet. Well, i really dont know what else to write, I miss you guys very very much and hope everyone is good! Eat a calzone for me! I can't complain too much because everything here is really pretty good and nice, and there have been some very cool people here that I've met. I haven't taken many pictures yet but I will I promise! Its gonna be a good two years! Love you!!!!!!!!!!

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