Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hi! Love hearing from you guys too! Yeah we are heading out first thing Wednesday. Should be a fun and interesting day! So we usually wake up around 6 and then go outside for an hour. Then we get ready which is always pretty crazy haha. So many elders, so few showers/toilets/sinks. We then go eat, which is usually a few pieces of bread, a hard-boiled egg, and some oatmeal-like substance hahaha! Its not too bad, the bread is waaay different though even though they give us sliced bread. Its way dense and kinda tastes funny. Its growing on me though. Then we usually go up to our classroom. Each district has a class and there is about 8 kids per district. We have two teachers that switch off. Brother Pole(pole-lay) and Brother Opuko. They usually teach us something about a different lesson. We have been teaching mock-investigators which has been kinda stressful and fun at the same time! Stressful to plan, fun afterwords. Its hard to really teach them though cuz they know whats up hah. Then we have lunch which is like rice and chicken or something. I'm having a hard time with the rice hahaha. But then more class and another opportunity to teach. We also have personal study before dinner, which is pretty much the same as lunch. After dinner we have another lesson which is usually out of Preach My Gospel. The best thing about the classes is finding stuff on your own. 2 Nephi Chapter 2 is pretty much the chapter to go to if you have a question i found haha. Then we get a snack at 9, last night was some pineapple. Yes its true, Ghana pineapple is like eating a shard of heaven! Its sooooo good. Then we go to bed.
Yeah I dont miss school shopping too bad haha. It would be fun to at least go somewhere though, this place is feeling more and more like a prison each day! Not really. But kinda. Yeah there is a lot of Nigerians here at the MTC. They are pretty crazy hahaha! I like them though. Everyone is super nice and stuff. We have a kid in our district from Namibia and he has a sweet accent. Its really easy to understand and their culture is really similar, like slang and stuff. He can speak 5 languages and one is a clicking language! Love you guys so much! I dont know when I'll be able to email again, but hopefully soon!!!! See you in 1 year and 57 weeks hahaha!!
Elder Hackmeister

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