Friday, August 9, 2013

Hey! I made it here safely! Sorry I couldnt call but there were no phones in the airport and everything was pretty crazy! All the workers try and make you tip them $20 for doing nothing so it was pretty funny. Accra is a pretty interesting city. It reminds me of a wasteland that people just started building on.
So we got there pretty late because the flight last night took forever to take off. I think we sat in the plane for an hour and a half before it left. I slept pretty good though. The humidity and heat aren't too bad. At least they werent today. But yeah we drove to the MTC in a little van and it was crazy! People just drive however they want. Luckily we made it haha. The MTC is TINY. Eveyone is pretty cool though. So far the Africans have been pretty quiet to us, so we will see how that goes. I haven't met my companion yet though! He is apparently from Singapore so he won't get here for another hour. I just met with President Graham and his wife and got the malaria pills. I got pulled out of my first class to do that. Now I am here writing!
I miss you guys, but I know that this is where I need to be. I can tell already that its going to be a big change and there will be lots of challenges, but this is the work I need to do! I am excited! I know I will be ok if I do what I need to. But yeah I am already tired of the MTC and ready to get out into Cape Coast haha!
I hope everyone is doing good! Hope Grandma and Grandpa don't feel too bad and I hope you're done crying! Haha. I think I will get to email while I am here, then I dont know what will happen. But the accents here are very diverse. Some are easy to understand and then others i feel stupid responding to haha. At customs the guy had a really thick accent and was talking really quiet so he was getting pretty upset with me haha. Oh well, I'll get used to it. Love you guys! Hope to hear from you soon. This place is pretty crazy haha!
Love you sooo much!
-Elder Hackmeister

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